THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 6/20/16


For starters, you must KNOW that when your heart is aligned with service, positive abundance must flow. For truly, service to we is service to me. That is, when you are helping “others” as aspects of you still in need of something you have to offer, you are aligning with providing for WE consciousness.

What you may not know is that worthiness issues and lack consciousness (or belief that lack is present) can cause the very (and sometimes ever so slight) mis-alignment that blocks the flow. Please read that last sentence one more time. It is VERY important. There can be no part of you that believes you are anything less than positive abundance when you are in service to others. Why? Because if you believe that there could be a chance you are not supported in assisting others, then you would be bringing that crack in the foundation to those you wish to serve in the highest way because you are not in the highest place of FULL trust and FULL surrender.

So what to do if ever so slight parts of you still doubt, right? Use your breath consciously and, in so doing, remind yourself that you have a choice to surrender to the Divine Plan in every moment or fear that you are not a part of it. Think about that for a moment. If you are NOT part of the Divine Plan, then what are you actually doing here on the planet? Do you think you were a mistake? Hysterical, is it not? That thought that the Divine does not know exactly WHO and WHERE  you are at all times? Well it does.

You have not been forgotten or unseen EVER. Do you actually believe that? Perhaps that’s where your issue with true abundance lies. And we are not simply talking about the paper you call money. That money is a manifestation of worth on some level… even if you have plenty of it. Perhaps it was given to you, but you cannot understand why? That is clearly a worthiness issue. Are you beginning to see that ANYONE can have it? Hopefully so.

So, once you remember your breath, know this… you can CHANGE EVERYTHING IN AN INSTANT. The moment you remember it is all perfect and that you are part of the potential that created the WHOLE game, that is when you re-merge with truth, and positive abundance IN YOU re-emerges. The longer you can hold that line of truth, the clearer the super highway of that abundance remains for all positive abundance to arrive at your location. What we mean is, the moment you choose to change it, you could literally manifest the millions in the bank the VERY NEXT MOMENT. You just have to believe enough in you and in your cause.

You already know you love thy neighbor. Now why not LOVE YOU JUST AS MUCH. It is that simple. Change your thought RIGHT NOW, change the outcome RIGHT NOW.

You are POSITIVELY ABUNDANT, so act like it.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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