THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 6/13/16


It’s all a grace you know – all of it. Grace is what has you here. Grace is what has you experience bliss, pain and everything in between. It’s actually a grace to even be on the Earth plane of existence. To feel, to be in a body, to experience experiences… it’s all grace.

You’ve heard it all before, right? How nothing happens to you, but that it’s all for your enlightenment? It truly is. The Earth plane, as we have said, is the densest plane of matter. It’s where everything matters, or materializes, in the physical sense while you are in a body to perceive those manifestations, those matterings, those happenings.

It’s all just a “happening” anyway. What is for you is for you, and what is not for you is not. Your job is to focus on your tree within the forrest. If another tree happens to fall in front of you, in your reality, in your forrest, TRUST that you will know what to do in THAT moment. But fear not until then. What’s the point of fearing something that isn’t yet anyway?

You have come far enough in the consciousness game that you can begin trusting BIG TIME in yourself. Every “next moment” is a manifestation of what you are thinking and doing in “this moment”. Don’t like what you are experiencing right now? Well, what were you just thinking? That’s what created where you are… literally.

While karma (good and bad, or neither, depending on your application of the teachings you already know or have come into) is also a grace playing into the mix of “the moment”, HOW you respond to it is what will create the next moment. Think on that for a bit. What is it we are telling you here? Simply put, we are saying that you cannot stop the world from happening around you. But you can apply what you know to ALWAYS be in only one of two places – love or fear. Those are your choices.

What you may need to focus on at this point is trust in the Universal Plan based in WE consciousness, which includes you. This requires surrender. Surrender prepares you for more grace… every time. The more prepared you are, the more gracefully you respond.

So, to successfully do this surrender bit, the best thing you can do is continue to watch your thoughts, words, and actions and the motivations behind them. Offer all actions up to the Creator, Universal Life Force, God, or whatever you think IT is called that has you here. And remember, this is a PRACTICE.

Practice builds up your awareness, and awareness is where enlightened beings become aware of enlightening situations that enlighten them even more. So practice, practice, practice your awareness and all this practicing will bring to you, or show to you, the beautiful graces in it all.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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