THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 6/12/17


Times of great change and adversity require you to be “in the flow” of consciousness. They require that you not give into fear, shut down, and close off the heart from all that is STILL RIGHT HERE for you. In truth, it is not a test of your metal, while on some level, spiritually, it is.

You see, the Universe is not set up to test you. The Universe is set up to have you experience love. However, to experience love in this hue-man form, you must also experience its opposite – fear. Doing so gives you the duality necessary TO experience love. And from this truth, the statement that, “It is all love.” can be derived.

So, yes, it often feels like tests. But, if they are, then they are tests that you created in your Divine Masterpiece for you to step fully into who and what you are – LOVE. You ARE love, you know. And that love acts as a lighthouse in the waters of your journey home. The more in love you are, the brighter that light, which then also acts as a beacon for those who recognize the light in you as you step forward in service to the planet.

The key in times of great seeming turbulence is to be still. Listen to your inner voice speaking to you. That true inner voice will never yell, but rather will always nurture you to your highest choice in every scenario so long as you give it the power to do so with your unrelenting trust and faith in its ability to do so.

In essence, times like these appear to “test” your ability TO trust and TO have faith. But the truth is that trust and faith have gotten you this far, no matter how much you think you have doubted. You see, doubt is a huge player in this game. It is a game, right? After all, if you feel you are being tested by something outside of you, then perhaps something is using you as its pawn in its game, right? HOGWASH!

The ONLY game being played here is the one you are playing on yourself having forgotten your Divinity, your Wisdom, your Guidance that will ALWAYS, and in all ways, lead you HOME… IF YOU ALLOW IT. To do so, and we mean to TRULY REMEMBER this game that you have created is to be in the flow of the consciousness of BIG YOU that has put it all out there for little you to recall your power in having created the game. For if you created it, then you can end it, without being destructive.

In this context, ending the game means just simply seeing through the illusion OF it. When you do, you begin laughing more quickly at fear, saying thank you to it and neutralizing it before it ever gets to take a strong-hold inside you. When you can do this on ANY level, you know that you are in such flow that we speak of. The deeper and deeper you go with this trust of this flow, the closer and closer you come to fully penetrating the illusion once and for all, never to return to it, except perhaps to help others through the veil.

Are you ready? The clarion call has been sent out. It is up to you hear and heed it. Go deep, now, into your hearts for we will support you, and you WILL succeed. It is your destiny.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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