THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 6/1/15


It’s amazing isn’t it? You might finally be onto that new horizon, yet you tend to focus more on the fear of the unknown than the excitement of the creative potential IN the unknown. You see, as has been stated in the past, the light was created from the dark, or the unmanifest, rather than the reverse. In other words, everything newly created comes from the vastness of the dark matter in the Universe, or the Cosmos.

So, then, perhaps it’s time to focus on the potential and possibility. After all, peacefulness is a choice you know. Meaning, you can chose fear, or you can choose lightheartedness. You see, there is truly nothing wrong in this moment. In this moment, you are free, you are a creator. So what are you going to create?

Without the conscious breath of creation, you will probably create fear and panic of the unknown. Why? Because without regulating your thoughts with your breath, your monkey mind will probably get the best of you. After all, as previously mentioned, it is the ego’s job to distract you long enough until you REMEMBER again that you are a God-being. AS A GOD-BEING, you have the potential to create from fear or love. Everything potentially creatable falls under those two categories.

The aim is to shoot an arrow of truth into the fear-based thoughts to uncover the love potential inside them. For example, you probably don’t fear failure as much as you fear success and what it would bring. “Would it look like you’d hoped? Would it provide everything you need and then some? Would it just bring more problems? Would it shake the foundations of those who helped raise you because they had limited belief systems of creation?”, and on and on and on.

You see, those are the very patterns that keep you “stuck”. But draw that arrow now, and fire it directly into the heart of the matter and you will uncover truth. Seriously, use meditation to get still enough while closing your eyes, see the issue at hand, and see yourself firing that arrow. When it hits the issue, watch the fear shatter. What is it that is uncovered? That… that right there is your truth.

Our suggestion is that you find as many as those truths as you can and run with them. You will blow your monkey mind, bring yourself right into your heart of truths, and create the most incredible reality you’ve ever known.

Oh, and of of course it takes courage! What of any value to you hasn’t taken courage to create? But then again, when you are in the heart, you are in the heart… and there you realize the fear-based thoughts are just an illusion, and the truth could be created on your next expansive breath. So go for it! We are behind you, and happiness is your birthright.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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