THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/8/17


Well folks, it is time to have a serious chat. Ha ha! What fun would that be?!

Well, in all seriousness (and a smile), it actually is time to discuss what we’ve been talking to and around for so long. The topic or questions is: What actually IS ascension?

In a nutshell, as you say, ascension is the process that involves learning to unlearn, transcend, or rise above (ascend beyond) limiting beliefs and behaviors that stem from patterns acquired through learning that was based in fear.

Rising above old patterns based in human fear unlocks the key to your full potential AS human beings. This process for humans was, for a time, limited only to a select few who were already mastered enough in the spiritual and human that they came into human vessels already knowing how to do this. So, for the masses, this re-mergence with truth was originally only possible through death and the transformation of human energies back to Source or Divinity energies. This has all changed, as the field itself has changed.

The field we are referring to, of course, is the magnetic field – the one in which energetic frequencies can be measured in hertz (Hz). Yes, the magnetic field of Earth and her inhabitants shifts every day. Scientists would perhaps debate, then, that hearing this is nothing new. What IS new, however, is that these magnetic fields (yes, plural) have shifted so dramatically in the years leading up to and through 2012 (read as two thousand and twelve, implying a 2,000 year cycle shift) that the magnetic resonance of the human being and its energy field as a race has never in your recorded history been so close to matching the frequency of the quantum field.

Quantum mechanics has it such that the alignment of the planets on December 21st, 2012 led to a mass scale recalibration of the human magnetic field (the aura) as a result of the Earth’s polarity shift. That is why you have noticed your dreams, or those of people you love and care for, perhaps becoming realities at rates never before seen and understood. Why? Because you are learning with ease to attract to you that which you want, rather than that which you do not. This happens the more you focus on positivity, happiness, and overall well-being.

Some may argue that recent events in the US and other first-world nations would fly in the face of these beliefs because who among light leaders would want to usher in things like Trump and Brexit. We URGE you strongly to consider that these events ARE INDEED perfect setups. They may not look like the desired outcome, yet to GET TO the desired outcome, sometimes you need to see exactly what you do not want front and center SO THAT YOU CAN SHIFT IT. Until it is posited front and center in your reality, what does the average human believe they can do about such things? Not much, right? Well that changes when things like this occur at the mass level.

So, ascension is as much about transcending old systems together as it is about the individual level of mechanics. In fact, you cannot shift en masse if you are unwilling to shift as individuals. Read that again, please.

Now, as you know, for individual shifts to have begun, people like yourself would have had to have begun the process of replacing words like “can’t” or “cannot” in your spoken languages with “won’t” and “will not”. It is only then that you can take full responsibility for your creations, and then choose to create anew. THAT IS WHEN you begin to elevate your individual Resonant Frequency Factors (RFFs). When you do this, higher Cosmic Creation Frequencies (CCFs) hit the receptor sites in your auric (individual magnetic) fields and bind with them bringing into creation your Whole New Worlds. That is when you begin to see MAJOR shifts in what is created in your everyday experiences. THIS IS WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE.

Now, when the collective begins doing this together, this is where World Affairs begin to receive the same white magic as your individualized auric fields. That is when the aura of Mother Earth begins to resonate at Global Harmony Frequencies (GHFs) for the Cosmic Harmony Continuum (CHC).

That’s all. That’s all that ascension is. Nothing more or less. Just everything. Ha ha!

Now, the sooner the better you begin applying ownership to EVERY creation in your life. The more you do so, the more you attract the higher CCFs toward you for more aligned, happier living. So start transcending your old beliefs immediately if you have not already begun doing so. If you have, look for opportunities to do more. Why? Because the more you all do, the quicker you all get there, with the planet, together. No more focus on discord, but rather where discord still resides within you. There you will find Ultimate Truth and there you will birth opportunities for ascension energies and CCFs to find your RFFs. There, you will find us… always.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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