THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/6/13


“Second chance” almost implies a missed boat or a missed opportunity. Instead, perhaps a change in perspective is needed. Maybe you should look at these circumstances you find yourself in as “a first attempt with new Energy”. Think about it… You can never come at something with exactly the same Energy twice. It is likely something has changed. Even the smallest of things, such as the clothes you wore on the first go-round, or your age, or your experiences since that time, have changed who you are this time… literally. The clothes you choose, for example, have a vibration to them. Their colors represent, at least in some way, what you are facing or dealing with. Your clothes choose you, just as the seat at an event chooses you for the experience, before you ever show up. Nothing is coincidence. Perhaps if you had gotten your dream the first time, you never would have had the experiences of truly working hard for your dream the “second” time. EVERYTHING IS PERFECT! And when you truly begin to live from that space, you realize this game can actually be fun. You tell the Universe what you need, then you let go. If you can let go, the Universe must deliver. You need new tires on your car and don’t have the money? You tell the Universe, “Ok, I need new tires, so the money MUST manifest.” Possibly within minutes, you may just be surprised as to what’s delivered. The Universe does not want you lacking. For the Universe is abundant. So seize this “second chance” NOW as an opportunity to achieve your dream(s) in a different way for the first time. For everything is an opportunity for something, but not always what we expect. But when we can say thank you, regardless, the humbleness opens your heart for the true gifts.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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