THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/5/14


Ready, Aim, Desire! But be careful, for if you are not aware of the true motivation/motivations behind your desire/desires, you may be in for a world tilter of a delivery when your desires manifest before your eyes.

You see, there are desires and then there are higher desires.

An example of a higher desire would be like desiring world peace, or for an end to world hunger… that is, if you are coming from a pure space. And how do you know if you are not coming from a high space? Wouldn’t it be a high space if you want to see fighting and hunger cease? Yes, but even a high space can still have hidden agendas within it… for it is S P A C E. And within space, much energy is contained and maintained whether we realize it or not.

You see, if you desire an end to world hunger, it may be because you would like the unnecessary suffering of our Earth’s race to come to an end, since you realize there is an abundance of resources, including money. Then again, you might desire stopping world hunger because then you could believe in God again and you may have stopped believing in something/someone who could ever allow a person to starve. Ahhh hahhh… the catch 22!

You see, you must only set your sites on truth in meditation and truth will be revealed to you once more. You have forgotten this truth, as it is part of the grand play for you to do so. Be not afraid… there is not a place, an experience, a pain where God has not gone before you… always. He asks that you follow “Him” because he knows somewhere deep within, you trust in his existence and exaltation.

Ask yourself this question, “When I wake up in the morning, what is it I choose to focus on? Half full or half empty glasses?” When you choose to focus on half full ones only, there you have hit the bulls-eye by setting your sites on a target that will always garner a reward, in every game played.

So, here’s a higher desire to set sail upon… aim for truth in all ways, always. Meditate on it, however or in whatever form you choose to do so. This will bring you Home. For all truth is revealed from sitting in meditation upon something from which you desire to know its truth. An example would be to sit with your desires, and the truth of their motivations will be revealed to you. At a minimum, doing so may reveal that you may want to tweak them for various reasons… possibly because you may even see the outcome before you’re done requesting the object of your desires. It all depends on how deep down the rabbit hole you are willing to go.

Here’s the thing though… if you are confused about truth, find someone who knows how to draw an ancient symbol, called Prema Agni, on you. Or you can research on your information super high (desire) way! This symbol will bring truth to you at faster than light speed as it’s sole purpose is to bring your soul it’s sole purpose.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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