THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/4/15


Ever wonder what inspiration actually is? Wonder where it comes from?

Actually, inspiration is an alignment mechanism.

As your soul sings a rhythmic note of what it needs to feel aligned with itself in a moment, on a given day, for an event, and on and on… inspiration is quite literally the harmonic response from the Cosmos that satisfies you at your soul level and brings forth creation from within. In essence, inspiration is the Cosmos’ song back to your heart that propels you to take “right action” to fulfill your need.

So… not feeling very inspired? Ha ha! Maybe it’s a very simple fix. Let’s a take a look, shall we?

Ok, the first and foremost thing to ask is whether you have gotten clear on what you need? If not, it is possible you have asked for much before the Universe has had a chance to catch up to the first, second and third parts of what you said you needed originally. So as you’ve moved on, possibly due to lack of patience (Eh hem! Eh hem!), the Universe is still attempting to show you it has delivered on your first request. But you might be missing that because you’ve moved on, thinking “nothing ever happens for me…”

So, how do we fix this? YOU fix this by slowing down enough to hear and FEEL the rhythms of your own desires… but WAIT… then you must check in with the motivations behind them. If they are not purified enough, your own angelic and karmic teams may be working to prevent you receiving what you “think” you need. They do so to protect you from creating more drama than you already have. (By the way, they say “you’re welcome” and you can say “thank you” any time now. Ha ha!).

Ok, so the key is to check in with your motivations. But why? That answer is simple. If you believe you do not have all that you need in this moment for your full happiness, then something is out of alignment within you. Therefore, checking in with your motivations enacts another mechanism within you that deals with self-mastery. This technique is called “tracking”.

When you learn this magnificently powerful tool and begin to use it wisely, tracking becomes one of the most eye-opening of all the tools available because it shows you where the seed of truth lies. Along with the single-most powerful tool there is, the breath, tracking upon it, brings spirit into the self (i.e. “in spirit to” or “to breathe into”). Therefore, instead of creating all of these roots from the ONE seed, tracking while consciously breathing has the capabilities to bring you right to the “heart of the matter” and into your own heart. Together, they limit your ability to continuously desire something other than the present moment, and halt the multiple creations caused by “boredom” and “lack of inspiration”. They get you to realize the present moment IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY to get still, and really take an expanded look at THE NOW.

In the NOW is where EVERYTHING is happening.

When you calm your breath and trace your thoughts, you are offered an opportunity to notice how much of EVERYTHING you can now see in this expanded, peripheral state of awareness. And if you are still enough in that moment, and come FULLY into your heart, you can create the world you want NOW. When you do this, you will always feel inspired to create more, even if that means enjoying the moment. How? Because when you are enjoying the truly inspired and fully connected creation, truly you are creating more of it.

Let yourself come, now, into the NOW, and experience you in the NOW.

Feel all of it. No, really FEEL it. No more thinking on things. Feel things. For to be a human and have human feelings IS THE GIFT. Getting to truly know you requires you to FEEL you. From your feelings, your deepest truths can be felt, and your greatest inspirations generated, as your soul sings and the Universe responds with creation.

Dazzle yourself with your heart, and watch the magic unfold in YOUR world.

With so much love in our hearts for you and your magical heart,



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