THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/30/16


With so much shift and lightning upgrades occurring at record paces within so many of you now, the time to create is upon you. Keep in mind always to check in with your intentions and motivations behind the “desired” outcomes to ensure the cleanest creations possible. Rest assured that creations in service to “we” consciousness will manifest lightyears before creations to the self. But know, there has never been a better time TO create, and you ARE part of the “we”.

These last several months, and quite frankly most of 2016 has been all about lightning upgrades. The likes of which have had many of you feeling the roller coaster of change in various ways. Many ascension symptoms in the physical bodies have returned for the masses: seemingly random dizziness, tingling, lack of sleep, headaches, aches and pains that seem to “just appear”, you name it. Worry not, you are not alone and this is quite normal for the type of service and type of path you have chosen.

Remember that, in order to create new, light must act upon and move through the darkness. To do this within humans, light must move through old patterns in the neuropathways, uncork them like an aged wine, and bring them up for review and/or “simple” excavation and extraction. Be sure not to get caught in the detox catch 22 (read more by clicking), as these patterns must be uncorked in order to bring about new, healthier, stories and patterns, and therefore new neuropathways TO the new you and your newfound happinesses.

It’s actually exciting, if you can see it that way, that all of this is upon you. You were told for years, some of you for decades since the first harmonic convergence in 1987, of the coming age you were being prepared to serve in and where manifestations for your desire to serve would be quickened. You are there now. In essence, it is time to “create at will”, or shall we say, “by will”. Be clear on your willful intentions to serve the greater good, and those intentions will manifest at warp speeds.

Yes, this means that money also will manifest FOR you to do so. Remember, money is energy. When you do the work to get to the place to serve humanity in their mass awakening, ALL forms of positive energies must become available to allow you to do so. Do not ask for it. Know that it is your birthright. for those who literally will serve others with your wares, know that people are now aware you exist for this reason. Then, watch them walk to and through your doors. For those who are awakening to align more with love and peace, know that money will manifest for you to continue this journey. For this is YOU awakening in service to WE.

The world needs more consciousness and it is receiving it. So rest assured your dreams are supported now more than ever in this endeavor. So love what you already have, create from that place of gratitude, and your will and the Divine’s will merge in wondrously amazing ways.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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