THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/27/13


First rule of manifesting… understanding what it is.  To understand manifesting, the first thing required is an open heart.  So, throw out the judgement(s) for at least the remainder of your reading this message, ok?  Now, smile.  Ha ha.

Ok, what is manifestation?  Manifestation is the creation of your heart’s desires into reality.

Now, to understand that this IS possible, you need to understand some of the rules.  Like the book The Secret, the key to understanding the basics around manifestation is an understanding of the truth of the Universe that what you focus on the most, you attract to you.  So check in with your thoughts these days, and in every minute.  What is it you are focusing on?  If the thoughts are of love, love is what your thoughts will produce.  If, however, you are focusing on fear, fear is what you will reap.

Attachment – Now the key, once you determine the source of your thoughts is love, is to BECOME unattached to the materializing of your desires.  Why is this?  Because another key in manifesting is understanding that attachment to the desire creates resistance in the ethers to its materializing.  If you are attached, then your heart is not completely open.  It is restricted, more than likely, to a desire to tell the Universe how to manifest it for you, in what shape, color, gender, etc.  If this is the case, then the truth of the desire cannot come forth.

Perspective – Careful what you wish for, you might just get it… and then some.  Why is this?  Well, you come into this world with basic desires to be fulfilled written into your contracts, and some not attached to your contracts.  When you GET the concept of manifesting down, you can begin to manifest things that were not part of your karma, because you learn how to create from a karma-less place.  However, until you do, you are restricted to manifesting based on your lessons to be had this lifetime.  So, if it is not in everyone’s highest interest who would be involved in your manifestation, and who would be karmically affected by it in a way that is not of the highest alignment for them, then your manifestation cannot come true to life, unless it is “adjusted” in a way that can give everyone the lessons they need.  So, if you wish for money, you also have to be prepared for the way in which it shows up.  You might not have realized it was your wealthy aunt’s time to go, but it was… just to give everyone the lessons they came in for.  Holding the correct perspective that everyone is getting exactly what they need at all times is crucial for manifestation to work in Divine Flow.  It cannot ever work NOT in Divine Accord.  And, in Divine Accord, EVERYTHING IS PERFECT.

Ask & It Is Given – The last key to manifesting is asking JUST once.  No need to ask and ask again.  Every time you ask, your desires are re-evaluated, so, in essence, you are adding “time” onto the Universe’s ability to deliver, while your other “ask’s” alchemy was already in the works.  Ask once, let it go, and the Universe must deliver if you are truly unattached.  Learning to become unattached, then, becomes key.

How do you become unattached?  By accepting what is, as it is, RIGHT NOW, and understanding that what you have right in the very moment is absolutely perfect and helping you to grow in all ways, always.  By accepting your life and what you have right now, you learn to let go of anything other than WHAT IS.  In doing so, if you can remain in that state as it pertains to the object(s) of your desires, then deliver the Universe must.  Just be ready for whatever shape it takes that comes your way.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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