THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/25/15


It is in the moment where everything or no thing matters. For, you see, something cannot matter to you (or physically materialize in your experience) if you do not put your attention on it. You may perceive something, sure, but then it has “mattered” to you because it is in your experience. But if you do not perceive something fully, then it has not mattered to you, or materialized in your experience. Therefore, if you do not allow negative thoughts into your experience, for example, then they too cannot materialize, or matter to you. And if they do matter or materialize, you can de-materialize them by acknowledging them as unhelpful and bringing your attention back to your breath and re-focusing your thoughts on something positive instead.

But, the key here is that this all occurs on the breath IN EVERY MOMENT. The moment is a gift, called the present. To be present is to be fully in your body. To be fully in your body is to fully experience the gift of your life and breath… for truly it is a GREAT gift – actually it is the greatest gift in the Universe to be alive in a body. For when you are alive in a human body, you are given the other great gift of free will, yielding yet another gift, called choice.

It is only “in the moment” in your body that you can ever realize that you have a choice… a choice to react or not react, a choice to react with love or to react with fear. And it is the love-based choices that lead to love-based creations, and positive outcomes and positive karma. Fear births fear, until you CHOOSE LOVE once more.

It takes courage to choose love. For this intricate game of life throws curve balls at you all day in the form of the monkey mind, or the negative ego. Its job is to attempt to entrap you into believing that thoughts are real and that they are the truth of who you are. But, in moments, you can choose to remember that you are not your thoughts. Just remembering that truth alone opens up an entire Universe of possibilities. For if you are not your thoughts, than you can rise above them. However, your thoughts do create your reality in the illusion you are living, called life. Therefore, remembering that you have a choice, when situations arise, to change non-loving thoughts to loving-based thoughts means that you have the potential to create a different outcome, a different future, a different reality.

The key to capitalizing on “the moment” and remembering to choose higher thoughts is simply remembering to breathe deeply a conscious breath of life-force energy when fear arises. When you do so, you physically create the space within your being where love can ride the current of truth from your heart to your head to remind you that you were made in love, and you will return to love, so why not choose love in the process. Learning to do so with regularity will create a magic that perhaps you didn’t know existed. That magic will allow you to create miracles and the life you always wanted. But, first, you must have the courage to want to change and choose differently. Then, it is simply a matter of continuously practicing to catch the thoughts and to choose to breathe, rather than to choose to react.

When you choose to breathe, you literally create an another choice – to create your next moment consciously from love, rather than from fear-based, learned patterns. And when you choose to create consciously from love, you literally create new neuropathways in the brain, leading to better, more healthy and happy outcomes. Ultimately, learning to take a conscious breath when negative thoughts arise leads to conscious creation.

So be in the moment and create the life you want RIGHT NOW. You will thank you for it.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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