THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/22/17


When the day is done, has another begun, or does it simply bleed into tomorrow’s run?

So much can be said in so little words. What you essentially have above is a question about how you see the world and your role in it. There are so many teachings here in perception, projection and reality. For you see, if you think a day ends, you are in duality. If you believe that a day exists, you are in duality. If you think, you are in duality. However, you are in duality to experience one thing and one thing alone… LOVE.

If you ARE love, then everything you experience WHILE you are love, can feel like love. Please re-read that last powerful sentence. This means that the state of your experience is determined by the state of you WHILE IN the experience.

The question above, “… has another begun?…” implies or speaks to someone who believes, sees, or experiences cycles within duality. Perhaps this type of person even gets caught in the monotony of the cycles. You know, up… down… up… down… up. Or perhaps this type of person is able to see the end of one moment, and can leave it there, in the past, to experience the next moment with your full presence.

But are you even aware by the first sentence in this transmission what type of person you are at present? Are you even present?

If you can accept that you are in duality at least for a time again,and that you your true nature is spirit and spirit alone, then another day beginning indicates the courage you have to wake up in this “seeming” world of chaos for a new experience “tomorrow”. If you cannot accept that you are in duality for a time, perhaps you suffer from the monotony of life, which may appear to have no purpose.

Another angle altogether here would be that you have been ONE of those individuals mentioned above and perhaps now you are transitioning into another. Then, a statement like the one that began today’s transmission would indicate to you how much you have grown while here.

No matter the matter, you ARE here to grow… your spirit that is. Personal, human experiences advance the spirit in so many countless ways. The dualistic experience of the game that is played in your dimensional time and space captures consciousness (spirit) in matter (your body), creating individualized experiences of THE EXPERIENCE. This grants keys to the kingdom of individual realization, otherwise known as self-realization, and this is the only type of plane of existence where that can occur.

When you then share these experiences with other “individuals”, collectively you re-create opportunities to experience the Great Expanse of love in the Cosmos WHILE in matter. However, it is only IN this type of dimensional reality that a day ever ends, begins, or bleeds.

If you are having a “Russian doll” type of moment where you cannot tell what thing came out of what thing right now, perhaps then you are having a moment of consciousness expansion WITHIN a human vessel. This we call enlightenment. Of course, this is where the little “you” takes on more light quotient from the big “YOU”. Little “you” is a person, while big “YOU” is God, or God-consciousness. Where the two merge is ascension on the human realm.

If you are “getting this” on ANY level in your human minds right now, close your eyes and travel to the heart, where you are about to receive the full transmission of this “enlightened” perspective. If you think you are “not getting this” or “may not be getting this” on ANY level in your human vessel, we simply ask, “Then why do you suppose you are still reading?” You see, perhaps you get more than you were willing to admit.

And that’s just it, isn’t it? We have told you for forever that you have simply forgotten how wise you are about the way this all works, and that you have come here to simply remember. Perhaps you understand the WHOLE show more than you realize and you have simply been biding your time while accepting you are already enlightened. May we suggest, then, that you go back to the top of this transmission, read the first sentence again, and see how much your consciousness has already shifted. You see, that shift, that potential is the truth of who and what you are. Looking forward, while remaining present, to seeing you “get it” again.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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