THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/2/16


If you haven’t yet figured it out, the world does not truly revolve around linear thinking. Perhaps your world doesn’t even revolve at all. You see, potential lies in opening BACK up to the truth that man created linear thinking attempting to produce expected outcomes; and it works… with many things… but the ONE thing it does not work with is the Divine Plan.

Serendipity, magic, clear internal knowing, mystery, and connection are all part of the Divine Plan. Science and formulas are also PART of the Divine Plan… the part that does two things: 1) challenges the Divine Plan… how perfect?! Ha ha!!! and 2) works within the blueprint of THAT Plan to bring about reproducible results for those who need them, when they need them. In fact, Science proves that man is God incarnate. For if Man can “create as if from nothing”, then truly man is God, no?

The only missing ingredient to the above is surrender. Surrender to the workings of the “man behind the curtain”… you see, your mind is not built to understand the workings of the WHOLE show. In this alone, you are required to at least surrender to not knowing what happens the moment you drop your physical form. MANY have theories. Science often tells us that none have returned from the “great beyond” to truly tell their stories. So then, friends, we put this question to those who believe, or KNOW, that they have it figured out, “If you KNOW that science is the ONLY answer, then tell us why it is that science has not yet shown you what occurs when people die?” For if dying is “part of the human process”, then it must have reproducible results, yes? It must be explainable, yes?”

Or maybe no.

See, realizing human (and beyond) potential lies in surrendering the linear expectations that come from linear human thinking. Trippy, we know. But it is true. Your intelligent minds are built to keep you safe WHERE you are. It is the heart that grows in trust and faith and carries the mind beyond the linear to the quantum possible. For this to occur, the mind MUST move out of the way for a time. How? Again… surrender to allowing it to happen.

“But how do you surrender to something you don’t understand and can’t explain?” Well, now, haven’t you just answered your own question?

In order for you to step fully into your potential AS humans, you must first allow yourself to BE completely human by “being present with”, or feeling, ALL of your doubt and fear. When frustration or anger arises that you cannot solve the KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING, a certain surrender comes, does it not? Of course. It must. However, after you surrender some, a certain peace is bound to come over you IF you truly have surrendered to the not knowing.

So why does potential matter? Actually, it doesn’t if it does not matter to you. See, potential (or anything for that “matter”) cannot materialize, or “matter”, if it does not matter to you. So if realizing your full potential as a human is something that does not interest you, or if you think you have already achieved it, well then great! You are ALREADY where you thought you needed to be. But if you are a believer in something greater than what you have already routinely experienced in this human world, and know that you carry a spark of this potential within you, then surrender to the unknown is key to you realizing that very potential.

In fact, to surrender you must play more in the experience of being human. Playing manifests joy. Joy manifests a resonance, frequency, vibration that transcends the thickness of Earthly dimensional time and space. The purpose of being human was to find joy in it. This leads you back to truth and to REAL answers.

If you are a linear thinker, perhaps even a Dr., a lawyer, and the like… fear not. Fear not in the “psycho-spiritual babble”, and fear not that you are far off. Here is the truth. It ONLY takes ONE EXPERIENCE to make a believer in the largest of skeptics. The author of this article was once among you… until he had an experience beyond the linear. So, there IS hope, and just keeping an open mind with possibility in your heart is always the way.

Let us leave you with a secret. Sometimes channels feel like babbling brooks, or wandering streams and rivers. There is intention behind this. Like walking a labyrinth, these messages alter your focus from linear thinking to a focus of bringing you present within your body. This is the key to connecting to the full potential of the Universe “outside” your body. With every channel you read or listen to, you have the opportunity to ignite and align the Universal truth within to the Universe you believe is “out there”. Here’s to potential!!!

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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