THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/19/14


Did you know that one perspective could stop all suffering? Yes, it’s true. If you could sustain one and only one perspective at all times, you could cease your pains in the human dimension. This is the perspective that everything that happens to and around you is a service to you and to all involved.

Do you know why humans breathe? It is simple… to be of service. You see, everything in your life is a service to you, and everyone who knows you, whether you want to see it that way or not. Do you not believe in the perfection of God, or the Universe, or the GREAT ONE-NESS in the sky? What we mean is, haven’t you ever heard the saying, “If God exists, then why does hunger, war, unrest, etc exist?” The sages have said for centuries in Earth time that growth comes from difficulty… and this is absolutely the truth.

By finding the depths of your human resilience, you rapidly grow in spirit as your stock and bank accounts in the spiritual community soar. You see, the Earth realm is the densest of all and Ascended Masters are lining up to come back here. Why? Because this is where it happens. This is where ascension occurs. Try not to think of ascension as a “going up” or elevator process. Instead, it would be easier for you to understand ascension as the process of your conscious awareness rising.

It used to be that you had to leave the physical form for you to “see the bigger picture” and REMEMBER ALL THE TRUTHS once more. This is no longer the case. Your bodies have been being prepared now for generations, ages really, for the process of stepping into the higher realms while still in human, physical form. To embody this on the highest planes, one must only see ALL as a service and accept ALL as love and opportunity.

While you are not in control of your breath, every breath you take is a service to the world. When you wake up in the morning, if you want to feel loving fulfillment from your day, use this mantra… “Thank you for my breath, God. How would you like me to use it today?” Even if you awake from a tough night’s rest, just uttering or even thinking those words can, and eventually will, shift your entire day toward service and bring you loving reward in the process.

You see, everything is service; and, eventually, you will see everything as service. Your parents, your friends, your children, your “enemies”, all of them are of service to you and you to them. Think about it… even the masked murderer teaches you what NOT to be, right? So how, then, is not everything service?

We promise you this… when you begin to see the world this way, you will begin to see a different world, a perfect world. You will see one in which you need to save no one… and in so doing you save the ONE.

It is the perfect setup, and you are already playing in it. So why not see it as such, end the resistance, and come HOME while on Earth and enjoy the show?

With so much love in my heart for you,



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