THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/18/15


It’s perfect – all of it. Everything in your experience, even the seeming unconscious people and events occurring around you. There’s perfection in it all. In fact, your suffering only arises when you fail to see the perfection in it all. Another way of saying that is when you come out of love and into fear is when you begin seeing anything but perfection.

Think about it for a minute. Even the unconscious souls are giving you an opportunity to see how far you’ve come on this spiritual quest. They show you how much you’ve learned and where you’ve grown. They also reflect to you that we are truly all still ONE – that there are unconscious “parts of you” that have yet to awaken, or they show you the formerly unconscious parts of you that have awoke.

Either way, if you are at peace seeing it all, then maybe you are FULLY awake. But, if you are triggered by any part of it, and miss the perfection in it even just for a moment, then perhaps that’s where you need to shine your light and have a look inside that cavern within you.

God, the Universe, The Light… whatever you call IT… loves you enough to give you the PERFECT imperfection of projection. You see, that is what makes this perfect science. After all, GOD was the FIRST artist, and He had to create a simple flaw that would make the painting (i.e. the experience) uniquely His. So he made you and all of your “imperfections”, so that you could grow to see that everything and nothing is abstract, for when you focus on the perfection of the projection, your heart then realizes it is only the mind that cannot see LOVE.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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