THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/16/16


When discussing the topic of dimensions, whether or not they exist, and/or dimensional time and space, one may want to consider one VERY powerful truth beyond the fact THAT they exist. Indeed they do.

However, the most human life-altering aspect to dimensions lends itself to your ability to let go of the thinking mind. Much like an M.C. Escher drawing, physics seem to disappear. Given how far one may be interested in traveling down the proverbial “rabbit hole”, you may finally come to realize that dimensions have no beginning and no end. For, truly, they do not. They merely exist… and they are interwoven into one another and layered within themselves.

Another way of thinking of dimensions is a perceived, functional alternate reality. These can be created in various ways: 1) whether by individual perception (i.e. two people perceiving the same event differently), or 2) by the direction of multiple mass consciousnesses simultaneously and collectively projecting varying possibilities, or even 3) the Grand Director creating “breaks in the matrix” that allow possibilities beyond belief that are accessible only to those who can breach their self-inflicted matrix.

All versions of these dimensions are created from the projections of galactic inhabitants… in other words, the minds of those who inhabit the galaxies… humans, and super-humans… create dimensions and dimensional possibilities. And, yes, this begs the question of whether God lives amongst you and is co-creating with you. Ahh, but to respond to this is yet for another day.

Anyway, dimensions can also have, or contain, other dimensions. We know… “Trippy!”

And two humans living in the same country, state, city, town, or even home can co-exist believing that they are co-existing, yet each one individually exists in their own dimensional reality. Yes, this means that dimensions overlap and co-mingle all the time.

Confused? Yes? Good. If not, that is perfectly ok too… and almost better, although truly there is no better than or less than. Ha ha! Remember, confusion ALWAYS occurs JUST before learning.

The entire purpose of the opening of the channel this week was to get you to open up aspects of potential within you. Have you ever had the moment where you realize you are living a limited “reality” based on a belief that is no longer your whole truth? Well, dimensions are no different. When you begin to understand them, or actually begin to let go of your perceived understanding of the physics, astrophysics, and thermodynamics of your world, you begin to lovingly “fall” into the opportunity that no beginnings and no ends has for you.

For example, have an ailment – even, perhaps, a life-long one? What if we told you that tomorrow can literally be a different reality for you if you let go of the perceived belief that you MUST have this ailment the rest of your days simply by re-aligning your truth with Cosmic Mystery? You can. You have actually done this time and again, lifetime after lifetime.

So are you wondering now how you align with mystery? Conceptually, it is easier than you think. You simply let go of believing you understand things. Of course, this requires you not to be a control freak. Ha ha!

But seriously, letting go of believing you KNOW anything is where you begin to fall completely into possibility. And if you are ready for this, a whole new world awaits you in every moment. Things no longer need to be “just so”. Instead, they can be “just SO different!”

So we ask you, “What dimensional space do you find yourself living in? And what dimensional space can you imagine instead?” To that end we say, “Focus on the latter, and let your heart (not your head) be your guide. Here’s to determining the dimensions of your creativity.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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