THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/15/17


The true essence of spirituality is not that you are born into a specific religious sect and choose not to partake in weekly ceremonies in that religion claiming that you are more spiritual rather than religious. The true essence of spirituality is EVERYTHING. Spiritual does not judge. It simply is.

Spirituality is a happening. It is something that finds you, over and over again, in Divine Moments that cannot quite be explained with words. In fact, spirituality at its core is not an answer to some burning question. It, instead, is the journey by which one is anointed, or initiated into the essence of God on some level in all things, and in all experiences. Effectively, it can be debated, “What is spirituality not?”

You see, you are spirit. The soul is the truth of you. Yes, it is encapsulated for a time in a vessel you call a body. However, that body is impermanent and illusory in the Grand Play of it all. In fact, only love is real, and only love brings you home to the truth of this knowledge… home again to your true spiritual nature.

Since the nature of nature is to shift and change, then the true nature of spirituality is no different. It is what you experience AS things shift and change, and AS you accept (or not so much accept) those changes, that is the journey of your mission. Your mission being your life.

Many wonder, “What is the point of this existence on Earth?” The answer is simple: to enjoy all that you can while you are and to realize all that happens during a lifetime happens FOR your and your experience while here, not that it happens TO you. It simply does not. But it takes practice to pull yourselves from the doldrums of victimhood. The reason why is that it took you lifetimes of attaching to impermanent, material things that cause suffering through your attachments. While these attachments include material objects, places, and things, they also include attachments to expectations, outcomes, and ultimately to people and their reactions and acceptance/rejection of you.

We say to you now to let go as best you can of your attachments. Allow your experience to be one of wonder and awe as the observer, rather than consequence as a victim. A victim is not resourceful. But a creator knows how they created EVERY circumstance and how they are going to shift it “spiritually” to suit their next experience. The degree to which you are in touch with your spiritual nature will be determined by your ability to become the observer with diligence. Do not give into the outside world and its “promises” of material delight. Instead, shift to inner delight and enjoy the exterior creations you have placed before you without attaching. It is there that you will enjoy them that much more.

Until your shift to a more full, non-attached reality has commenced on the deepest levels, know this… the true nature of spirit is to show you the way home through change. For it is through change that impermanence is taught. And it is through the lesson of impermanence that you will return home by way of your spiritual nature.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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