THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/13/13


A pine tree isn’t trying to be anything that it is not.  It is not concerned with what other pine trees think.  It doesn’t live by other pine trees’ standards.  It is simply a pine tree.  It quietly collects water as needed from its surroundings for its own growth.  When ready, the pine cones fall like ripe fruit from its weathered branches.  Oh yes, it has seen a few storms.  But the pine tree doesn’t care whether the seeds from its cones take root after falling from its wise branches.  It is simply a pine tree.  It allows the wind to blow the cones to and fro.  As the seeds are blown from the cavern of the protective cone, some take root and some do not.  However, the pine tree will continue to grow and weather many more storms.  When its action is required, the wind will blow its branches into service to maybe provide shelter to those under it, or even to drop a few more seeds on, perhaps, fertile soil.   If the seed takes and roots begin to grow for another pine tree… wonderful.  If not… wonderful.

So the next time you question whether or not you’ve missed the boat of being of service, or you ask yourself when to be of service, ask yourself if you are growing.  If the answer is yes, then you are being of service.  If you feel you need to be of service to another, check in with your motivation.  If it is pure, the wind MUST blow you into service.  If not, then just continue your path of growth and there you shall remain ever green.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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