THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/12/14


With the advent of the American Mother’s Day upon you, you are reminded once again of the importance of the Mother Energy, and perhaps that of Mother Earth. But did you realize, yet, your own Mother Energy within? Yes, you all have it, even the men.

You see, all great creations are birthed into consciousness, or awareness. So God had the thought, “Let there be light”, just before the spoken word that manifested it. But for God to have done so, God required Divine Feminine, or Mother, Energy; for you cannot have birthed something on the human plane without it.

So where does it come from? From you. From your heart. From your desire to create. Now, what it is you create, well, that’s going to depend on the motivations you had at the moment you had the thought(s) that are about to birth into reality. So probably best that you are clearing up your intentions then we suppose… ha ha!

You see, there is no good or bad, but only IS-ness, or creation. It is labeled good or bad by the ego in the human world, and in the astral one. So best also to cleanse the ego as much as possible prior to birthing once more from this realm and into the astral one. Why?

Well, as you cleanse your thoughts and intentions and align them more and more with God’s will as “service to man is service to God”, the more you align with creating from a higher vibrational space. In this space, you become the Mother and the Father as the two blend effortlessly to bring harmony, peace, and happiness here. It is a human feeling, a gift, that no human words can do justice to, and must be experienced to be known to you… and you know what it is we speak of. The goal is to remain there as often as possible. For, as you do so, you will continue to ascend in the human realm and prepare yourself for a higher space in the astral one. Then, when you are shown your full light, the full display of light that you are, in the astral realm, you will have landed first in a place where your ability to create your next incarnation will be a high one, and possibly even one that you have chosen to take as service. And if you reach this space, you will also be given the option to get off the wheel or cycle of karma that continues to bring you back.

The choice is all yours, or is it? Ha ha!

Regardless, best to choose your creations from a space of love, compassion, truth, and kindness. For what you call upon from this space will have the highest Divine Mother and Divine Father energy behind it for ALL involved. And this shall bring you salvation.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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