THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/1/17


Perhaps you often wonder how to come to the right choice when faced with a decision. You needn’t go further then a single hand over your heart in a moment of stillness. Present each question as a choice to your inner guru while merging silently with them. Whichever feels like the stronger pull while in this space is most probably the highest aligned path for you to take.

You see, the highest truth exists, however, when spirit moves you. How do you know when spirit moves you? You know you are being moved by spirit when there is NO question. When questions are present, the ego is also present, attempting to figure it all out. The mind loves to play games. Its job is to keep you distracted because otherwise you would be bored waiting for enlightenment.

That is all you are really doing, you know. Sitting around, creating and living your dramas while you are waiting for enlightenment. It is true. On no other dimension can you create stories and dramatic unfoldments like you can on the Earth plane. It is fun, is it not? Of course! And what is enlightenment anyway? It is the moment you realize again that you are it. It – as in “you are everything and you create everything for your experience”.

Yes. You have forgotten this, but it is no less true. Why are we telling you this now? Because this is the very thing that keeps you thinking you do not know the answers to things when you believe you are presented with a choice between more than one avenue. Again, you just simply create a story (because it is fun) that you do not know the answer. And this process has become repeatable, patterned behavior. So change it. Ha ha!

But honestly, it is quite simple. Do not overcomplicate things. Your brains like to do this, but this is just another distraction to keep you busy.

Allow spirit to move you. How? By becoming still enough to hear its voice, and feel its rhythm again coursing through your veins. When you do, you allow something other than the “I” to do the thinking FOR you. Then… it can quite literally move you.

Think on this. When confused, more chatter is not the answer. More discussion is not the answer. Running from outside to outside source is not the answer. These are all distractions. Instead, however you need to find stillness to get to the answer, we suggest you do.

You are so much more brilliant than you want to admit. Why? Because then you would have to take responsibility for that greatness. In fact, you would have to take responsibility for everything because you are creating it all. So, to be moved, you need to create stillness. Paradoxical, yes? Of course! You should know the Universe works on metaphors. After all, you created it. [Gentle Smile]

So what next then? Another distraction? Or perhaps some stillness, where it can speak the language of the Cosmos to your heart. Next thing you know, you will be moved, and all of your questions on the subject matter at hand will cease, because you are just that powerful.

Now, just settle down, ask spirit how you can be of best service, and allow yourself to move in the direction spirit moves you. Because it will. It will not do the work for you, but rather move you to the work. So careful what you wish for in silence, because you will probably be asked to work for it. But it WILL be delivered. Just keep moving every time you slow down long enough to hear where next you should go.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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