THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/11/15


So how do you truly know when a choice or action is the right one for you to take? How do you know when taking action vs sitting back and waiting for the right moment to take action is the right choice? Well, for starters, let’s not overcomplicate it.

Simply put, right action is any action you can feel with your whole being is right for you.

That is simple isn’t it? Pretty much everything else after that is the monkey mind, or ego, having a field day with you. Let’s prove it out.

Ask yourself this question, “Does a wrong action, or an action that I know is not in full integrity have a “right” feeling to it?” It doesn’t does it? That’s because you truly do know what is right and what is wrong for you. Admitting it to yourself may take time and courage. Owning it as what is best for you living your life, and not someone else’s, might actually feel “scary”. However, this is all only because you are, perhaps, still in the process of becoming. This requires full self-empowerment, which is a lesson many like-minded individuals have come back to the planet to “get” fully. “But, why?”, you may ask. Good question.

The reasoning is that you have come to learn self-mastery, which leads to ascension in the body. This is otherwise known as enlightenment or, enlightened man, or “in light in man”. To become consciously enlightened, is a service to you and to the planet. To be in service, you must be fully empowered so as not to give into the illusions in this game that have you believing that not everything is perfect as it is. Part of the game is ALWAYS KNOWING BEYOND A SHAODW OF A DOUBT WHAT IS, AND WHAT IS NOT, RIGHT FOR YOU.

You’ll notice, too, as you continue to play better and better at every position on the diamond (“die-mind”), that the feeling of “right action” for you has a vibration. And as you change positions (i.e. perspectives) continually, you will continue to see your growth since last you played the position. More and more as you move about every position on the field, you will note what is right for you and what is not, and you will achieve more and more self-love, as you set healthy boundaries for yourself and the world you experience as real. Eventually, you will have mastered the game after playing every position masterfully; after all, there are 9 positions on a baseball diamond for you to complete all perspectives within a 9 inning game… hmmmmm. Interesting, right? And it was right under your nose, all this time. The signs usually are. (And if American baseball is not your thing, choose the “game” that best suits you, and wear the suit well. See the signs in that game, and play it now from a different perspective. Once you get it from that perspective, move on to the next.)

Playing the game of your choice, with the highest (best) perspectives possible, will ALWAYS show you what’s right and what is not for you. Feel into the vibration of truth in the game. Let your mind rest, and let your heart take over. It will tell the mind what it NEEDS to know, rather than what the mind will choose to conceive if allowed to run the system.

Perspective is everything… for you and for all others involved. Playing the positions of perspective upon the breath, can gain you insights that raise your heart’s vibration to your conscious mind’s awareness. It is then that you will know your truth. Then, act with love.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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