THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 4/6/15


“Brothers and Sisters… Today, regardless of your religion, the consciousness of the Earth remembers the courage, bravery, and heart of a single man two thousand years after his death sentence. The crucifixion of Master Jesus remains to this day one of the most powerful phenomena the planet has endured.

But for just one minute, this moment, I ask that you reflect on this question, ‘Why was this event so powerful for our Earth?'”

Interesting the kinds of answers you have come to, isn’t it? You see, it was not because Christianity is better than other religions, or because Catholics have it right, or because Jesus was the Messiah. No.

The reason why this event is still remembered by modern peoples of all lands, and all walks of life, runs much deeper. Master Jesus was no more (or less) the Son of Man, or the Son of God, than you are the Daughters and Sons of Man and God yourselves. You see, when asked if he was the Son of Man, Jesus said, “Yes, I AM.” He was invoking the “I AM” presence. He was also saying, “Yes, I am… [and so are YOU, you just have yet to remember it].”

Master Jesus was an interesting character because he knew before it all went down, exactly what would be needed, how it would have to play out, and why. This does not mean that he didn’t have human emotions around it. Of course he did. For this is what made, and quite frankly what still makes him, such a polarizing figure. His humanness made him a God – how perfectly iconic and ironic, wouldn’t you say?

You see, Master Jesus’ greatest attribute was his heart, and his ability to open up others’ hearts. Jesus didn’t believe in any ONE religion. He believed in all of us, in the human spirit, and he fostered a value system, called the religion of LOVE.

Yes, Jesus’ heart transcended this dimension. It was uncharacteristic for his time. At the height of Roman dogma and bureaucracy, Jesus desired only to open the hearts of mankind to help them transcend greed, judgment, and materialism. And, so, he created a legacy from beyond this world… one that, despite any one individual’s particular belief of him, is known by most humans living at this time in one way or another. That was the plan. This was his way of opening hearts… that his essence, which was not his own, but of his “Father’s”, be carried forward for Millenia in the hope that some day perhaps his truth could set us free.

What was his truth? That LOVE has the power to create LOVE, and that this LOVE could transform the human spirit and our Earth.

So at this time of the acknowledgment of the “resurrection”, and of being lovingly “saved” or “passed over”, the question for you is simple… “Do you have the courage to create from beyond known appearances and perspectives?”

You see, so often creation occurs from “the known”, which perpetuates “what is”. But to truly transcend “what is”, and to bring forth your dreams, as Jesus did, would be to create from the unknown; to connect deeply to the dark matter of the Cosmos from within the depth of your own heart. After all, the Cosmos were created from LOVE for LOVE with a desire to experience LOVE; and, all light came from that Dark space, not the other way around.

So what is it that you desire? Do you have the courage to see IT created in LOVE, without fear, judgment, greed, or doubt? Master Jesus did; because his desire was based in other-worldly LOVE, which was based in Service… to Man and God.

What is your Service? What is your creation? The world is waiting for it, and there is no time like the present. But do not create from the known. Instead, create from genuineness – for truly LOVE that is genuine, though possibly not understood, cannot ever truly be judged, mocked, or even destroyed. Just ask Master Jesus.

With a LOVE and HOPE in my heart for each and every ONE of you.” ~ Lanto

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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