THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 4/4/16


We come today bearing tidings of good news! Many of you have claimed that it is difficult, this ascension process, without a handbook. We understand that it can feel difficult and, for those of us who have walked your path, we acknowledge that it is a challenge. So today we share with you some words we hope will give you a lift.

Of course there is no ONE book. Each of you is unique and different as created in the eyes of perfection. Therefore, you must find YOUR way, which of course would involve many winding roads, and at times dim lights. But alas! We come to tell you that for the the spiritual aspirant, or warrior, there is no normal. In fact, separating from social norms (which are mostly based in separation consciousness) provides the ultimate double-negative returning you to yourself, your way, your path.

In other words, separating from separation consciousness returns you home and allows you to see once more that you are the creator.

Now, for the good news… separating from the norm takes courage. When you begin to do so, we understand you believe you are isolated or alone. You are not. You are simply getting readjusted to the truth. The truth is that anything you want to create (manifest) or dis-create (de-manifest) can be done so once you return to the true nature of who you are… vastness.

You see, your vastness and potential began to fade with attachment to the material, INCLUDING THE BODY. Therein you began to truly limit and isolate yourselves. After millennia of attaching to untruth, social consciousness began believing that was the only way. So, now, it takes courage to break back away from untruth (attachment). This does NOT mean that you cannot or should not create in the physical. Quite the opposite. It means to learn to create without the attachments to your creations.

This process is known as the ascension. For you are ascending, or transcending the material world once more. Be in the world, but not of it! For you are not the world. Rather, the world is your creation. Re-remembering this can sometimes cause detoxification of the mind, or negative ego which has become comfortable in the material world. The ego’s entire purpose is to keep you safe. It will do anything to ensure this, even by creating untruth (rationale).

When you begin to detach from the ego’s grasp in the material world, thoughts and feelings that look like, “Am I crazy? What would I be giving up?” Or even, “What am I doing? What have I done?” can creep in. But KNOW this… if you are following your heart, you can NEVER go astray. The heart is the answer and it holds the highest truth of who you are.

So how do you know if you are in your heart or your ego with your thoughts? Close your eyes, and ask yourself, “Do these thoughts feel expansive and potential-based? Or do they feel fear-based?” Generally speaking, in that line of questioning, you will have your answer.

The best part? You are most definitely not crazy. First, you must realize there is no norm. The only “real” norm is the one created by man’s mass consciousness of fear-based realities that do not hold the highest sense of truth. Then, you must realize that you have chosen to break from that to lead a vast and expansive reality based in potential, not limited beliefs. To that end, you have chosen ascension (rising above), or the transcendence of the material, which means you live with and among it, but you do not any longer believe you ARE it, and therefore do not believe you need to attach TO it. You are not it. You are SO MUCH MORE, and this is the path to enlightenment.

Remember, there is a fine line between insanity and enlightenment on the spiritual path. Why? Because your clinical definition of insanity constitutes a breaking down of “normal reality” (i.e. mass consciousness), and a choice to live in a world you create in fear of not being able to sustain life in the “outside” world. But, the subtle difference between clinical insanity and enlightenment, is the choice of love over fear. So, remember your heart and its quiet tellings when you ask it if your thoughts are love or fear-based.

You heart is the book you have been searching for.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach