THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 4/3/17


Remember, you are a God-being. This means that God-consciousness occurs through you. You are the door through which great love and service can pour forth for yourself and others, all in service to the growth of humanity. You are not the doer of said service, until you fully remember THAT you are. So be the door.

No matter the feat, or the outcome, when you can meet the ups and downs with the same response, “Thank you, where are you God?”, it is then that you are calling forth the most powerful of all the energies in the Universe. That would be the energy of serving the greater good with your actions for the betterment of humanity – those born, those yet to come and those who have gone forth already.

If you recall, there is truly no separation. Therefore, what happens for one happens for the all. Similarly, what does not happen for the one, does not happen for the all.

No matter how intense the highs or lows, if you can remember this simple mantra of offering it all up in service, you will most certainly neutralize quickly any drama that could follow you through your experiences if otherwise ignored.

You see, offering everything up to God, the Universe, the Almighty Power, or whatever you like to call it assists with releasing attachments to outcomes, and the material world, as well as steering you clear of the illusion of buying into that material world.

Your world is illusory. It is there to teach you, and for you to learn from it. For so long it has been abused as the power of creatorship was forgotten as the greatest gift you were given by the Ultimate power in the Heavens. Instead, humans began believing they created all there is when they felt they were abandoned by God. You never were, and it is time to remember that now. We are reminding you. You created the abandonment, so that you would never have to feel that way again. YEt, you did so knowing it would take lifetimes to remember THAT you did this.

You are great beings of service. You were built, or rather constructed, this time around with the opportunity to FULLY remember that you carry God-consciousness in your beings WHILE IN your beings. In prior incarnations, you had to lose your physical form (die) to attain such remembrance. Not so this time. You are ready to receive fully while in a body. To do so requires that you be re-wired once more. When this occurs, it can feel uncomfortable in the body. Again, offer it all up. It is happening for you, not to you.

Who and what you are, as we have told you on many occasions, cannot be fully encapsulated in a human form until the human form has been prepared. You are being prepared. In the meantime, enjoy the ride. There is so much in it that makes life beautiful again, even in tragedy, when you can FULLY remember the game that is at play, and who is behind it… YOU.

You signed up for this experience, exactly as it is occurring. You, and you alone, are responsible for the great magic that you are experiencing in your lives. Whether or not you choose to see it all AS great magic or tragic… well, that is another story altogether. But it is indeed all happening FOR you to wake up. If you practice remembering this and trusting it is true, eventually it will come back full swing, this trust we speak of. If it has begun, but not completed, this is ok. At least you are on your way.

You must start somewhere, and when you do you begin to attract the next best incredible experience required to continue the awe-inspiring process once more. No matter how amazing or tragic the ride, remember to offer it ALL up. It is a practice that brings great delight when you finally remember that you are the “Almighty Oz”.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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