THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 4/28/14


So much wondering about when the shift, the inner shift, will begin, right? Two pieces of GOOD news for you on this day… 1) Shift has already begun if you have even started asking that question. For for you to have realized that shift was required, or that it felt like shift was coming, then you are already ahead of the large curve of folks who are awakening NOW. 2) Further shift occurs as you desire, when you desire. You just need to keep choosing it, like the way you have been allowing your view of the world to shift and change over these last few years. Do you remember some of your rigidness, and inability to allow a different perspective in? Do you remember believing, on some level, that YOUR world was flat and not round?

The fact that you have already been able to allow alternative perspective into your awareness is proof alone that you are right where you are needed most. Fear not! There is nothing left for you to go and do, but simply just allow in all that has been working on your being for some time now. Yes, we have been working to ensure a smooth transition for you. Can you imagine if all the allowing you’ve been doing of new perspectives did not take some time, and instead just occurred over night? Do you have any idea how fast you would have spontaneously combusted in that human form you call a body? Well, even if you don’t know, never fear, for we do! And it would not have been pretty. Ha ha!

We have you right where we proverbially want you. That just happens to equate to “where you want you” and where you have always wanted you. You have become softer… not in character… NO!!!… but softer in your overall approach, softer with the way you handle yourself, softer with the way you accept and receive others and their perspectives.

This comes from all the work you have been doing on you. It has been a process. Your perceived short-comings, or the difficult scenarios you have found yourself in over the last two years have tested your metal, yes? But do tell, have they not made you stronger by having you realize your resilience? Of course they have! That is what they were setup this way for?

Do you find yourself trusting a little more in this moment? Yes? Great! No? Great! Even a “no” is bringing you further along, even if kicking and screaming. You see, you wrote this script with us. But part of the human portion of the journey is the forgetting… just so you can remember ALL OVER AGAIN!!! And what a BEAUTIFUL process it is, if only you would allow it more easefully.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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