THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 4/27/15


So you’ve asked for much, but it doesn’t seem it has appeared in your life hasn’t it? Perhaps you are a lightworker and have heard, “Ask and it is given…”, or, “You must open your arms to receive the Universe’s gifts for you.” Any of this sounding familiar? It is all true, but there is a higher form of truth that these statements are operating under. If you are ready to hear the answer, truly ready, then read on, my friends.

You see, often times we are ready to ask, but not necessarily ready to take the steps necessary to receive. The Universe cannot give you what you are not ready for. It can prepare your gift, gift-wrap it, and hold it at the “counter of creation” for you. However, to “get your hands on it” may require you to make some changes, both in perspective and in your actual life.

Take, for example, the individual who says they are ready to leave a job and step forward to do their lightwork “full-time”. First of all, lightwork is a full-time job, no matter the career path. Ah hah! There is the change in perspective, is it not?

Now for the change in the physical, right? Well think about it… if the individual is not ready to create space on the human level for a full-time, light-working position by leaving behind that which no longer serves them, then how in Earthly terms can they possibly make space for the new creation? They would need to physically create a container that requires nurturing, which requires focused time and energy. To make this happen most quickly, they would need to do this without the majority of distractions that currently “run their life”. The funny thing is, we are not necessarily talking about the “other jobs(s)” that have their attention. So, here’s the second perspective shifter… we know we only made it seem as though there was one… but perspective is everything, is it not? Ha ha!

So, the second perspective shifter would be as follows. It is not ONLY the “other jobs” that would have this individual distracted. It would be the negative thoughts they keep about their potential failures and shortcomings if they made a change which, in turn, block them from ever possibly stepping forward and up to the counter of creation to receive the gift-wrapped present. For, you see, they are living in the future and in the past, thereby preventing them from receiving the PRESENT.

So, if this example is you, you NOW (in the present – ha ha!) have your answer. If this “example” resembles your situation but not quite in this exact way, then ask yourself how your thoughts and perspectives are holding you back from the present/the gift. Once you acknowledge how you are blocking yourself from receiving, then you can accept that you have been doing so, stop the pattern, and step up to the counter to receive the Universe’s gift.

After all, it is YOU that is desiring the gift, it is YOU that is then creating the gift, it is YOU that is delivering gift, and it is you that is then choosing to either open the door or not. If you choose not to open the door by not taking the steps necessary (perspective and physical action), then you can never fully see YOU, nor merge with YOU. But if YOU choose to be YOU, then you have created and received from the quantum field, where ANY THING is possible for YOU.

Which version of you/YOU will you choose from now on?

With so much love in our/YOUR heart(s) for you/YOU,



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