THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 4/21/14


On this day of the resurrection, truth is rising within you (Christian or not – ha ha!). YOU ARE THE SECOND COMING! And the third and fourth, etc. It is you, it always was you, and Jesus walked the planet at that time to plant that seed of wisdom… He is the son of man and you are the daughters and other sons that represent mankind. You are all the “birthed child” of the Creator. Take that in.

So, when he was asked, “Are you the Son of Man?”, and his response was, “Yes, I am.”, he was invoking TWO MAJOR TRUTHS… 1) “Yes I am and so are you.” and 2) He was calling upon the “I AM” presence.

Jesus rose above the illusion of death, despite his human efforts and suffering when asking God if he could be relieved of this destiny. Eventually, he ROSE to the occasion of dying and RISING AGAIN… to prove that there is truly nothing to fear. When the scriptures say that he “died to save us”, they are referring to another truth… for one human to show other humans that to cease suffering you must accept all, and love unconditionally anyway… simple but not easy.

Here’s another truth… the “sins” the scriptures refer to regarding unkind acts against “your brothers and sisters” are actually karma and the wheel of samsara playing out over and over again. So, in essence, Jesus was showing mankind that he would die to show the illusion of death so that humankind could eventually get it right, RISE to meet the creator inside, and eventually CHOOSE only to create love from love. In so doing, you each graduate to become a Christed being, at which time when you die consciously, you are given the option to get off of the wheel of samsara, thereby ever opening the gates to the kingdom.

Consider this… Jesus became a Christed being not before he uttered these words, “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do… into your hands I commit to you my soul.”, or something like that. Ha ha! You see… it is ALL a game. How you choose to play it, conscious (awake) or unconscious (asleep) is eventually up to you. Why not make “eventually” = “now” for a formula that is bound to make you rich in your spiritual bank account? You now don’t need to leave your body to join Jesus and the Masters in the ascension process. Being in human form at this time allows for the transcendence of the illusion while in a body… so choose to resurrect that truth, your truth, now, and may the Kingdom of Heaven be yours.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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