THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 4/18/16


Perhaps many of you are now aware, if you hadn’t been already, that we are in a new world – one of spiritual evolvement and acceptance. While it has been upon us for some years in the ethers, and those on the front lines and sensitive to energies (lightworkers) have felt the shift in them, mass consciousness is beginning to finally let it take a full foothold within them. And that is exciting.. on all levels.

This shift has been manifesting in various ways. On a planetary level, in the Cosmos, there has been great meteoric and asteroidal activity. This has been an indication of systemic “breakups” in the outer reaches of “space”. Yet it is also an indication of the inter-Universal travel of particles mirroring the spiritual evolution of the Cosmos. In other words, particles have been traveling out of one galaxy and into others. What was once “contained” is being “unleashed”, reflecting that the proverbial “Pandora’s Box” of exploring possibility are finally upon you. The portals that have opened for this are among the most powerful EVER experienced.

In every day life, you see more folks taking risks, living from their hearts, and choosing not to give into social constructs based in fear any longer. It is more of an evolution from “saving for a rainy day”, or “retirement”, to retiring the idea of saving THIS ENERGY NOW and instead putting it to good use for living a full life NOW to see what can be created from living in potential and possibility.

On your plane, you still have Mother Earth doing her thing, shaking things up, and reminding your race that She will continue to shake things up, until you are back fully in your hearts. And, on the political landscape in the United States you FINALLY have an opportunity to see that enough Americans have had it with what has been that non-conventional candidates are reaching the masses and actually stand a legitimate chance of election to make REAL change. While the current President stood and stands for hope for that change, the next election will be about the potential for instituting it.

You see, it is all happening in pieces. Piece by piece, that which has been prophesied for millennia is beginning to take to fertile soil, eventually leading to true peace on and within the planet.

All of this, of course, is a simple mirror for the Path of the Spiritual Warriors who have been fighting the good fight of reigning in the ego and its negative counterparts, cleansing it, and returning us once more to the heart-centeredness that WAS the Cosmos when it all began. This is what you had signed up for. It has returned, and there is no greater time than now to GET the FINAL pieces to your personal journey and live the life you want in PEACE and blaze the trail once more for all of those who desire the same.

Your ONLY job now is to focus on the light and love in your hearts. Let them be the guiding frequencies to personal mastery and success in ALL ways. Ensure you are living in the WE consciousness by remembering that service is the WAY. Manifest for you what you manifest for the masses, and abundance consciousness can be had by all who have been seeking. NOW, you can just simply receive.

Reach interdimensionally into the unknown to create. It IS possible, but you MUST NOW throw concern to the wind. Use your breath, and know that other-worldly energy is finally NOW here to support your desire to live and create from the heart. For what these other dimensional meteoric particles tell us is that Earth and its inhabitants (those that are ready) are finally up to the task of coming into alignment with the I AM through the interdimensional portals of LOVE throughout ALL galaxies. This LOVE is the love that created it all, and it is yours for the receiving and creating. All you must do is focus on that which you want in unity and abundance consciousness, for it is and always was your birthright.

Wishing you peace in uncovering the remainder of the pieces.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach