THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 4/17/17


That is what this WHOLE thing is you know – a play. Did you know this? Have you fully integrated or understood this though on any level? The Universe is literally just waiting with eternal patience for humanity to wake up and understand the Grand Illusion in all of this. While you are creating your reality, even the fact that you are is an illusion. Ha ha!

You see, all of it is there JUST for you to have something to do. But you get to choose how you want to do it. Do you get that part yet? YOU have the choice as to whether you want to create more dramas, or enjoy more calming, peaceful days and nights. That’s right… YOU get to choose.

Now, often when we capitalize the word “YOU” we are actually talking about your higher selves, as opposed to the lower, human-based ego self “you”. However, in this case, we are simply capitalizing “YOU” to emphasize that it literally all lies with you. See, you are at the place where you are reading messages like this, possibly with regularity. Not everyone even has that level of grace. Can you grasp that? That you are hearing such wise teachings has taken you many incarnations and great suffering and difficulty just to be here now hearing/reading such things. This fact alone is a grace. To know that it is a grace is yet another level of grace. What you do with all of your grace, well that is most certainly up to you.

You can go around continuing to entertain yourselves with dramas to pass the time, or you can surrender to the fact that you came here to find ultimate peace and happiness. Which do you prefer? Until you believe that your dramas are NOT serving you as much as the potential peace and calm you can experience, you will continue to create the dramas. Why? Simply because your wiring believes you need to be in them, so you believe they serve you more than something new, which could bring in a whole new level of serenity. But, to use that word again, as “grace” would have it, you mightn’t yet be in a place to know that your dramas are not serving you in the highest way anymore. So let us give you some grace by telling you.


How we know is because lightning fast downloads are ready for humanity now, specifically to those who have come at least this far. The rate at which happiness and joy can find you now, despite your past hardships, is almost alarming. That is, alarming in the sense that not many know this, but MANY are waking up to this, well… lightning fast. [Gentle Smile]. So the question becomes, “How good are you getting at noticing “the play” WHEN it is playing out?”

You see, the more you come into awareness about such things, the closer you come to ending this game you find yourselves in again. It is a matter of having patience and unconditional love with and for the self like the patience the Universe has for you all. In that patience, you must choose to draw a line under situations where you act or think certain ways and allow the energy of them to move THROUGH you, rather than choosing to hold onto them by resisting THAT they have shown up. They have shown up (EVERY TIME) FOR you, NOT to hurt you.

When you can begin seeing that AS the play, you will begin accepting that you are in it. If you have already begun seeing and accepting this, then you need to apply it at the highest levels when you feel the highest charges. This means you are getting VERY close to breaking through these VERY old patterns. Can you feel the truth in that? This is not just another play, but a cornerstone of recognizing one more that you are actually coming out ok on the other side of things. And you are. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here, reading all of this again.

So, in the reality of creating your reality, what hand would you like next to deal yourself? It is in choosing your destination that you tell the dealer what hand to give you. But the even better news is that, if you make the game, perhaps NONE of a kind with completely mismatching suits is the winning hand. Just remember to play joyfully and wisely.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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