THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 4/15/13


There comes a point when the truest part of your soul begins to emerge.  It is a process that occurs over lifetimes of inner work and service, in many, many ways.  When it begins, you begin to see the world you live in differently.  You begin to acclimate altogether differently, and you begin to “know” things.  You begin to understand it all on a deep level, which encourages you to find people of like mind, and even to find teachers who can help you get to even higher realms.  For they, too, have gone down this Path, and they understand your Energy… the trials, tribulations, stories, etc that they begin to reflect back to you as resiliency, grace, experiences, and service.

This process is known as enlightenment.

Although many still believe enlightenment occurs in an instant, when certain levels of understanding, or “getting it”, have been achieved, it doesn’t actually work that way… well, it does and it does not.  It does in the sense of the ah-hah moments.  It does not in the sense that you are literally becoming enlightened with every breath you take and every step you forge in the world.

Mis-takes, and all, brings you to “In Light In Man”.  What this means is that when you begin to live consciously, understanding how your actions affect your communities, you begin to bring more and more light into your lightbody.  As you do, your cellular structure changes at the core of your DNA.  As it does, things just begin to shift, seemingly in an instant (i.e. the ah-hah moments).  But in reality, it has been a process your physical being has gone through to prepare you for all that is to come.

As has been written in many previous texts, you were being prepared as a soul on the cutting edge of truth, wisdom, and clarity as the world was made again ready to hold such consciousness, but even yet on a higher plain of existence.  You are seeing, hearing and feeling things these days that most still don’t get completely.  This is ok.  They are now beginning to look to you for clarities in these areas.  That is what you signed up for.  Don’t fret.  You absolutely have the tools to be who you are in truth, so that they, too, may learn.

You must answer your higher callings now.  For the field is ripe.  If you are feeling called, moved, inspired, guided, you ARE!!!  Do not hesitate to get on the boat.  It has actually been docked there, waiting for you to see it, hence you could never miss it!

It is an exciting time now to step out there and test the waters.  You might just find yourself to be an Olympic Swimmer!

With so much Love in my heart for you,



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