THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 4/11/16


What is quantum? It is the sub-atomic field where matter is acted upon by force to bring about the manifest, or material creations. This occurs through the melding of the vibration or frequency of the acting force simultanouesly with the frequency of the seeming dormant unmanifest sub-atomic particles.

So the quantum field, then, is the place (or  s p a c e ) where EVERYTHING is possible. It is where dreams and reality meet, meld, and manifest anew. The quantum field is where everything you desire is possible.

The key to accessing it is not as complicated as you may think. You see, you access the quantum field all the time. You just don’t realize that you are doing it because it is occurring mostly in the subconscious mind and its actions and reactions. But if you learned properly how to access it consciously, just think what you could create.

But careful what you wish for, because you might just get it and then some you didn’t want or “ask for”. You see, Golden Access (there are different levels granted) to the Quantum Field comes with the grace of walking the Spiritual Path of “Service to Others is Service to God”. For if you are to be the acting force upon the unmanifest quantum sub-particles, to ensure greatest dharma (right path) and karma (action/non-action) for all involved, you must desire (vibrate) to the level of greatest outcome for all in WE consciousness.

This is why great, genuine spiritual masters can manifest at will from the Quantum Field for others any object desired. The manifestor, in this case the guru, desires only to deliver for the student. But not just for any reason. You see, the great masters manifest for the student’s highest purpose. They create from the space that would awaken greatest humble service in a student when they see the potential reach for the masses of that awakening.

So, too, should be your desire if you are going to begin to play in this Quantum Field with the mechanics of desire. Otherwise, your mechanics can resonate at the vibration of greed and destruction, where what you create has a negative (negative number) sub-atomic vibration that can destroy 10-1,000,000 times more than the energy used to create it and from it.

So, you see, this game of creation can be destructive. Quite the paradox is it not? Ha ha!

But once you begin to resonate at the vibration of love, if you are lucky enough to meet a true spiritual sage or teacher, or have your inner teacher (or Spirit) awaken enough, that teacher will begin to show you the magnificence of your potential by giving you hints and tips at how to create. They will only do this when the collective students’ minds are vibrating at love, not greed. This takes years of grinding away at the negative ego and desires to polish out lower desires of the material world.

But once the collective creative consciousness of the student enters the heart-space, they are capable of stepping inside the Kingdom of Creation so that it may resonate mass creation at the frequency of love. The Teacher, or Spirit, will teach you how to alter your consciousness, or your present state… with meditations and the like. They will show you to tame the mind, and create from the TRUTH that exists inside you that DESIRES TO AWAKEN EVERY MAN AND WOMAN to their innate goodness, humbleness and graces.

The Teacher and Spirit subtly teach you how the subtle works. They show you that to act upon the quantum with greed creates more of it, and the karma that will prevent you from getting back to this place for MANY lifetimes. They show you, too, that to act upon the quantum from service IS service because it is time for you to be OF service with your creations.

True masters train you to change your vibration before acting upon, and melding with, the unmanifest. In so doing, you become that which you desire to create more of… love. But should you act upon the unmanifest with fear, you will create a deeper pattern of it. So your teachers also teach you to trust in trust, have faith in faith, and KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE TEACHER.

So I ask you, can you reach into your heart of trust to create more of it and understand that what you need is given in every moment? And that sometimes what is not given is a blessing because of what it could create for you should you get your lower vibrational wish? Can you trust the Teacher? Do you trust the nature of Spirit within you that has awoken enough now?

If so, step with me into truth. Love yourself continually so that your vibration of love does not wane. For to create in Spirit, YOUR spirit must not waiver. ONLY then, you cannot falter.

With so much love in my heart for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach