THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/9/15


“I say to you this, MY children of the light, ask not for your needs to be met now so you may fulfill your missions of service to your planet and to the Cosmos. Instead, you MUST demand it! Do not come as beggars in need, but rather as service workers calling in what you need from ALL dimensions in a moment’s notice.

It is all there for you, ALL of it, for ALL of you. There is nothing that is NOT there. Only your limited purview, lending to limited perspectives, has you trapped. So stop thinking small, and begin believing BIG.

For it was your karmic destiny, and IS your dharmic blueprint that has you reading these words, and feeling the Energy of TRUTH in them. There is nothing that is beyond your reach, but rather your reach that is blinding your purview.

You needn’t reach for what it is we are ALWAYS attempting to give to you. Begin seeing with the fourth eye, that is the one of the heart center, and you will needeth nothing. Believe us when we tell you that it is not your human desire that has you reading messages such as this one. Rather, it is your Cosmic agreements that have you here.

Though you do not remember, you have been “asked” to TRUST. It is a game of faith. It is the only way to have you keeping in touch with that deepest part of your heart, without KNOWING from the head. It is this trust that was planted deep within the recesses of the self, that is now permeating your being in your every-day life. Hence, the ascension symptoms you have been feeling – the headaches, the nausea, the sinus colds, the back and muscle aches, and the list goes on and on.

Your traumas are your karma, that have brought you to your dharma. So, truly, your pains are your service. Your agonies are a burning off now of the past deeds and contracts in the flames of Prema Agni (Fire of Divine Love). Know this – it is time that you call in your positive karma, and stop the patterns of belief that only negative karmas have you here. No! YOUR GRACE HAS YOU HERE.

So, now, you must call in your grace from antiquity, as it will rise up and present itself now as the miracles that befall your eyes. It is time to create from beyond you. It is time to call upon your own Divine Self, here and in the Cosmos and beyond, to deliver what is rightfully yours, as you all rise together and share the awakenings with loved ones and perfect strangers.

Calling in the forces of your Divine Majesty is an initiation of sorts, of YOU to you. It is a blending, an amalgamation of manifestation from whence you were FIRST born until this moment. You are birthing you on the highest level, and you are doing so in service.

Rise up now, call it all in, and demand your glory. My heart awaits yours in alchemy.” ~ Master Babaji

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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