THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/7/16


Can you accept that you are not going to figure it all out? Try that on for size for a moment. It is true. The human mind is not equipped to understand the mysteries of that which created it. Can a car understand the human mind that created it? No.

Thus, the grace that is your birthright was developed and created, and is currently held, by something your mind cannot comprehend. The mind is limited in its potential to understand the love that created it. Why? Because it is a perfect setup that eventually requires a surrender from the negative ego-based mind that thinks it “needs” an understanding.

This catch-22 is and always was a way to train the negative aspects of self to surrender to a higher power or wisdom. It was the way to return all individual parts of the whole back to the Mother Ship. It was the beacon by which you could ALWAYS get “beamed back up” no matter where you traversed in search of that which would always return you home anyway.

The thing of it is, you also have the grace in this moment to be told to stop searching for the answers or your next “thing”. Whatever lies “ahead of you” MUST come to you as part of the agreement.  But you, too, agreed to eventually surrender to the mysteries and the equations by which your destiny was to be determined. After all, YOU helped to devise them in another form.

The key in all of this is to trust the process, and enjoy the journey. The modern mysteries that have you here are actually not so modern. They go all the way back to antiquity. In other words, this has always been the way home. In human years it generally takes many lifetimes to achieve Union. But the likes of the Ascended Masters should act as proof enough to you that enlightened beings are works of art that take time, and quite a bit of polishing to achieve a finish, a texture, a resonance of love that is contagious.

So, too, are you a diamond in the making. The “pressures” of your experience are asking you to surrender to it all. In that space of surrender, you eventually let go of the idea of thinking you are in control. When this occurs, and you begin offering all of your actions up in service to the One Creator-force, that is the space when mysteries begin to unfold and show themselves to the mystery-seeker, but ONLY once you no longer seek, and rather only discover.

For when you let go of reaching for the fruits, truly the fruits can come to you.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach