THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/30/15


“My loves… you are powerful, both as an individual and as a race. It is ALL THERE WAITING FOR YOU, you just have yet to perceive it that way.

As you learn more and more about the methods of the New World and how to live in the fifth dimensional (5D) realities of Prema (Love), you must remember to understand. You must remember the truth of who you are; that you are God-beings, here once more to reclaim your birthright, this time in the prophecy of Earth’s ascension.

To do so requires fearlessness. What is fear anyway, but an untruth? You must live from the heart with confidence that this is the very instrument that has led you this far.

The time is NOW… and unlike ANY other in human history.

To experience the ascension one must understand that the old belief systems, dogmas, and limited realities must dissolve, fall away. You are no longer in the LIMITS. Your hearts have been touching the quantum field, where ALL is possible. Anything that you can imagine exists there.

It is from this position that limitlessness is no longer believing in something greater than you, but KNOWING that there is NOTHING GREATER THAN YOU.

You are it, the whole thing – all stars, planets, universes, milky ways, galaxies… the whole of the Cosmos. You are creating more of it with every breath, every thought. You simply have not fully remembered it yet.

But NOW is as good a time as any to OWN IT ALL, and thereby KNOW that you are creating it all once more. It is then, that the human race will take nothing, no person, and certainly not the planet for granted, but instead create and live in harmony.

Do you think it is coincidence that to live in harmony, you must rise to a certain truthful vibration. Those words, “live in harmony”, have been melodically woven into your culture to remind you of the truth of the melody of the stars, otherwise known as humans. So, when all humans align with the vibration of love, all stars do the same… then the galaxy, universe and Cosmos.

But it begins and ends within you.

This is where it is at, so make the best of it. And, please, do it now. Have the courage to know that you are the creators of it all, and without your KNOWING this truth, your freedom cannot be granted by you to you.

Here supporting your loving all and serving all…” ~ Sathya Sai Baba

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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