THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/27/17


The time for games is over. That is, unless you are interested in the game of Seeing the Unseen.

How often do you think you know something by its cover? How often are you wrong? Well, if you ARE judging by its cover, you are always incorrect. There is so much depth to every experience, that if you were willing to merely scratch the surface, you would find whole new realms to dive into.

Therein lies the challenge. So many lie dormant, sleeping in their “awakened” state. Fear grips them, and they are unwilling to see and feel into depths of experiences because humanity and the social construct and consciousness that has run it for so long deems it nearly impossible. The race is fraught with fear, born out of attachment to the physical world due to a belief that this is all you have. It is not. And while many of you have truly been seeing beyond the eyes, thank God, the masses are only just beginning to awaken to any of it.

This is the time, therefore, to remain strong and steadfast in your endeavors to continue awakening to ALL that is. Now, in fact, is the time to respectfully question all that you have come to “learn” about the world. Have you been educated, or head-ucated? Have you been taught from love or from fear of lack?

The truth? The world you live in is but a spec of dust in the Cosmos, yet filled with such abundance only eyes with lids closed can truly see. For the beauty of being “blind” is choosing to create a world not already determined for you by someone else’s vision.

You see, you must end the games now. Stop reaching for material gain. You can take exactly NONE of it with you. See, instead, the depth of grace just to breathe and experience all there is to experience. To receive everything that is there for you is to stop reaching beyond where you are and receive the experience you are in. How? Enjoy the journey, stop the distractions, connect to moments and everything in them. They are your greatest teachers, and lead to so much more in spiritual gain than the material will EVER give you.

For it is time, don’t you think, to leave the arcade and enter “Our Cave”. The one we speak of has no flashing lights, or neon signs, or “sticks of joy”. Instead, it is pure joy, found in the Cave of Brahma through the act of meditation and seeking a higher power. The power we speak of is not control over others, but rather the undoing of fear-based control. For when you represent the we consciousness, you can get to much higher ground together, for the greater good of all. When you reach this enlightened state, you truly end one game and begin another that is altogether different.

In the new game, humanity wins in complimentary fashion with itself, rather than losing competition with itself. The latter destroys you one being at a time. The former creates a whole new world from all new, unseen perspective. Which game do you now desire to play? If the former, tell all your friends. If the latter, tell yourself to read this transmission again and then, perhaps, tell all your friends.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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