THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/24/14


It has a resonance, does it not? You know when you are in it, and when you are not. You can feel when you drift from it (i.e. out of love) and into fear. That “knowing” is Energy. It is the “thing” we refer to when we say, “that which rises in you”… it is an Energy of knowing.

The same is true for your internal guidance system. It tells you when something is “in alignment” for you or “aligned” for you to be a part of. When a question arises, and you feel you need outer guidance, go deeper first. Why do you believe you need outer guidance? Is your inner voice not being clear? Is it not loving? These could actually be signs that you may not be quiet or still enough to hear clear guidance, or that you are not in a space of love with yourself (i.e. loud, unloving or mean voice).

Think of it this way when you need guidance – if your voice is not speaking to you the way your lips would lovingly pass words onto someone else, then you are probably in your fear-based ego. If, however, you are hearing gentleness reflected back to you, and a certain peacefulness comes with your inner voice, then you are probably perfectly aligned.

Now, here’s the REAL TRICK… if you feel “on the fence” about a situation and you feel it could go one direction or the other, then that is the TRUTH. Did you miss it? Let us repeat… if you feel as though you could go either way and it would be ok, then you are right! The point is to have the experience either way to get the lesson, or piece you need.

Further more, if you are “worried” that going one direction or the other could be the “wrong” choice and that it would somehow forever change the time space continuum and undermine the fate of the Earth, and everyone’s existence within it, then you are simply in your ego. Ha ha! This CAN NEVER HAPPEN.

While you are operating within a context of “free will”, you are doing so within the plausible formulas that can never disrupt the course of history. At any given time, there are infinite methods by which you can accomplish your mission and achieve your lessons… only “infinite” means “beyond human understanding”, yet still FINITE enough within the Universal context of time, space, and Math.

Confused? Good! Confusion occurs just before the learning comes on the human realm. So you are exactly where you need to be. Worry not, for worry lowers the vibration of the aura, which actually increases the chance you will fall out of love, and therefore out of truth. In essence, worry decreases the vibration of truth. Truth accepts all as-is without consequence… for it merely IS. So, you focus on you, and truth must arise… for that is the truth about truth.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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