THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/23/15


“‘Masters in Training’, I say to you this… If Rome was not built in a day, do you believe that your ascension can be? Funny enough, if you believe, anything IS possible. That said, you mustn’t believe with only your heads. For, in order to manifest, ONE must believe with every cell in their Earthly being. In fact, they must KNOW, not believe.

This truly takes practice in your Earthly dimensions. Yes, there is more than one dimension on Earth! In fact, YOU are in the process, as you know, of moving into the 5th Dimension, or 5D. Therefore, there must be even more that you sense but cannot see, right? Indeed!

With that comes work. Why? Because, in order for you to transcend “believing” and COME INTO KNOWING, you must look doubt straight in the face and tell it that you no longer “believe” in it. In order for practical sense to become spiritual sense (where practical IS spiritual), doubt must leave you, and bring you to YOU; that is, the higher version of SELF in a body… in other words, the Ascended Master YOU.

Until such a time, you are aware that the shift is occurring and, so, you are a “Master in Training” (again). See, you already KNOW all of this, but part of the game of ascension is the FUN OF REMEMBERING… when you allow it.

So for now, stop the beating up of the lower self aspect of “you”. Instead, allow a more loving, kind, and generous version of you to nurture you… you know, the one you so often show and give to everyone else. Yes! It is TIME to give that kind of love to yourself from YOURSELF. For truly, when you beat yourselves up on your planet, we feel the reverberations in the Cosmos, even (and especially) on Odessa.

When we say WE ARE ALL ONE, we truly mean it! There is no separation between you and me. I am an aspect of you, and you of me. What you do to you, you do to humanity and beyond. If only you KNEW this truth, you would STOP RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

In the meantime, during this crucial period of your Spring Equinox Energies, use the wormhole to MANIFEST YOUR MASTERY NOW! See YOU AS ME, and ME AS YOU, and WE AS THEY. And… know this… you must be feeling the truth of this message, for I AM.

So, then, understand that you must put one foot in front of the other, stop self-judgments, and love you as you are. For truly doing so IS the quantum leap you have been searching for. Stop wondering “why not yet?”, and begin realizing “how much has ALREADY occurred for you”.

You are all completing aspects of your individualized and Universal missions NOW. Behold, the New World is ALREADY within you. You just have yet to fully perceive it that way. But accept you as you are, in every moment, and warp speed to ascension is yours.

Forever yours in service to your Earth, and our Cosmos.” ~ Commander Ashtar

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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