THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/2/15


“When it’s patterns that frustrate you, child, see beyond you. See through to the core, where there is only ONE. Duality is the game until you realize that God-sparks – you and me, and thee, and we – are all God. Acceptance is key here… acceptance to the higher truth that the self-you is not the truth of YOU. For the YOU I am speaking of, is the GOD YOU, where patterns of suffering do not exist.

So first, my child, accept this truth, even if understanding escapes “you”. It does not escape the higher YOU, only the lower you. But the higher YOU is always connected, always breathed into by GOD, for YOU demanded it, and it was so.

So letting go, and letting GO-D, is for the YOU that is always connected, and has never forgotten. AWAKE, child! AWAKE to this truth. YOU are GOD. GOD is YOU. There is nothing in between, above, or below. AWAKE, AWAKE, AWAKE – rise from the slumber of ignorance, and accept this truth, and asleep you shall be no more.

It is only then that you can fully learn the grace of God. So serve God by surrendering you to YOU. Meditate, hear the call, and then heed it. YOU are not who you think you are. YOU are YOU, and God knows it. Do you?

With the grace of God in my sails, and upon my breath…” ~ Anandamayi Ma

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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