THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/21/16


Below is a VERY important note from THE MYSTIC (aka – the Universe) …

Inter-dimensionality is upon you. There is no more wait time. It is here. This is a VERY good thing, not to be feared, and following is an in-depth description of just what this means for you and the collective.

First, a workable definition of dimensions. Dimensions are perceivable (i.e. seen, felt, known to be “true”) frequencies that can be tuned into like radio stations and used as portals once the perceiver knows this (on some level) and is attuned to it. Dimensions are the very portals that make possible and allow some “gifted” individuals to see, sense, or commune with the likes of angels, Archangels, passed loved ones, the elementals (faeries, leprechauns, and the like), the animal kingdom, and ethereal Cosmic energies such as the Hathors and the Pleiades. In truth, all dimensions exist at the same time, always.

Now for the content… Fear and Love have co-existed for eternity on the Earth plane. But your Earth, and all of its inhabitants, are part of a MUCH larger Cosmic Picture, or Blueprint. In essence, the majority of perception (what is seen, felt into, known to be “true”) on the Earth plane has only been perceived in one dimension (or at one frequency). Another name for this perceived dimension is the common collective “reality”.

Given that mass consciousness has created a social construct by which acceptability and non-acceptability have been deemed as such by the collective perceiving consciousness (i.e. the general awareness of the human race, or most people), the collective perceiving consciousness held by the majority believes it can ONLY perceive that reality. This ability, or lack there of depending on how you look at things (ha-ha!), creates the singular dimension known as 3D reality (common collective perception) where you perceive other dense objects at your frequency – people, places, things, routines, worries, materialism, relationships, attachments, and the like. This is because it exists at the level of awareness, or frequency, that the collective has been comfortably exposed to and “believes” it is ready for.

However, the collective frequency is and has been “in trouble” for some time. The gross attachment (greed) to the material, in addition to the lack of deep connection to the spiritual that birthed it all, has led humanity to the brink of its distinction AS THE COLLECTIVE KNOWS IT. But, remember, the collective is the majority consciousness, which can be shifted.

Lightworkers have already begun to rise above this collective frequency. There are enough of you now that you have been collectively creating a NEW reality on your higher frequency. You have created a dimension within the collective one. Try not to think of this in linear terms. You are not above 3D, nor do you encapsulate 3D, nor does it encapsulate you. You at your frequency, as well as the collective in its frequency, co-exist; two dimensions at a time on the same plane of “existence”… if you still believe that you exist on the Earth.

To this end, though, the purpose was never to create a SEPARATE frequency just for the select few. The reason lightworkers agreed to their contracts AT THIS TIME, which they are living out in this lifetime, was to help the mass collective begin to awaken AT THIS TIME. So, while this message and its energetic downloads are aimed at helping us to help you awaken the collective, it is also aimed at reminding you of your larger purpose of doing so. DO NOT FORGET. You are ALREADY PERCEIVING humanity at a different frequency than most. But that is not your ONLY purpose. Your purpose was to be a beacon. As you awaken, and continue to do so, your objective is to carry that light so that others may see your torch and arrive at your doorstep… at all hours.

At this critical moment in the Earth’s ascension to higher frequencies in keeping with the Cosmic Plan, the key is to awaken as many souls as possible before the “Great Shakeup”, also known as the Grand Schism that has now become inevitable by the choices of man. This split is to be one of cleansing wherein the impurities of greed from the lower, denser version of the 3D Reality, 3D Frequency-aligned dimensional Earth WILL NOT continue to be part of the great shift of the ascendant energies of love, as it was NEVER a part of the planned Cosmic Ascension.

This greed-based, material-based 3D lower reality is man’s karmic creation, and not Divine Will. ONLY the higher, shifted, lighter frequency based in unconditional love and acceptance will make it to the Cosmic Ascension Gates. This is where 3D duality will create a true SEPARATION because it is not aligned with Divine Will, and only the truthful frequency, the higher dimensional reality in which you exist will continue on the ascension path. In other words, 3D reality believed so much in its own creation, that it actually manifested separation as a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is perfect, for it is proving manifestation through the Law of Attraction anyway, which in karmic, due time will potentially give this lower vibrational, lower dimensional 3D Earth reality another go at ascension. But not now.

Between mid-June and November 2016, the Earth world will experience shake-ups designed with a two-fold intention. The first is to begin the cleansing as Mother Earth chooses one dimensional reality, the higher one, into which to commit her soul. The 3D based reality will keep the shell of Gaia’s old soul, after she sheds it for the sake of the ascension. The second purposeful intention is to FINALLY awaken ALL who are supposed to be on THIS BOAT AT THIS TIME. So lightworkers, be prepared! You will receive large amounts of interest in your work VERY soon.

Now, PLEASE NOTE, this is nothing to fear. For years, you have heard prophesies that many souls would perish if the call to awaken was not heeded by the masses. “Perish” has many meanings. In this case, “ceasing to exist” is the most accurate. For years you have practiced compassionate detachment – detaching from the drama of the 3D-created perils, NOT the truth of creation, but suffering caused by material wants and desires. In the world some of you have already moved into fully, and many of you are soon to follow in, the 3D dramas cease to exist to you. So while family, friends, loved ones may suffer from man-made perils, you most certainly will not. For you will be living in another dimension all together, if not already. This does not mean you will not see these things occurring, but rather merely that you will not give into their hold on the 3D world. For you know better. And this schism is occurring to help elevate you to this place full time, while no longer allowing the suffering of man to blend into 5D. For you are so much more than simple man. You are “light in man”, enlightenment, or ascension. You are the way, truth and light, having followed in the footsteps of many a Christed being. And all souls must eventually come onto this path and ascend once more.

Now in your human time, the next few months are the ONE FINAL attempt to get as many souls on board with the shift as possible at this time. While there truly is no-thing to fear, this CALL TO ACTION is extremely stern.

ALL of you must WAKE UP NOW.


AWAKEN to your truest nature… love… actually, unconditional love. For that is how, and from what, you were created and to whence you will return.

Although the likes of the 3D world will go into fear and drama at the changes set to occur within a few months time in your Earth world, your duty is to remain still and CHOOSE LOVE. Land masses may shift yet again, peoples may war, currencies may falter, and markets may fall. REMAIN IN YOUR HEARTS. You have learned much over the past decade, and some of you have been studying these ways even longer (and for those of you who “believe” you have just come to this consciousness game, fear not. You have not. You have being downloaded with Cosmic Truth since forever. Your heart may only recently have chosen the higher order of THIS love, but all in Divine Time, child.)

Believe us when we tell you, the shift is on, but not to annihilate; rather to prevent annihilation of man by man. So we choose to take the collective lightwork done on Earth for the Cosmos and shift you all into the truth of that creation somewhere in the dimensional realm between 5th and 6th dimensional realities. Yes you are, in many ways, already moving beyond 5D. But, again, think not linearly. For when you reach fully into 5D you see the true co-existence of many, actually ALL, realities in the ONE. In and from this space, all parts of all dimensional truths are reachable when enough time and energy is focused on their existence. There will be much to come on this in the near future from all of your trusted sources. For now, we want to leave you with a snippet of a message first channeled by your beloved Archangel Michael and posted to members on last week in your dimensional time, the 15th of March, 2016:

“… You are on the cusp of yet another major consciousness shift on and within your planet Earth. The Era of Eros is upon you, and LOVE has been ordered. Eros, the male counterpart of Cupid, and the Greek God of Love, is returning with the truth of his message. You see, Cupid, the Greek Goddess Desire, and Eros, together with the God-head, complete the true nature of the trinity – that God wanted (desired = Cupid) to manifest the existence, portrayal, and example of Unconditional Love. What this means is that humans would have the opportunity to experience and encapsulate EVERY experience as Love and nothing else, and that this would be the Christed Way Home.

This is quite a momentous occasion, and set to begin occurring astrologically in your time on June 13, 2016.  The method by which to begin feeling and achieving this state of being is simple. Rather than asking why-based questions, you need to begin asking the ONE how-based question… “How can I choose to allow this experience to bring me closer to love and to my truest essence?” That question could take many forms, such as, “How can I be of service?”, “How can I know and find God?” I believe you get the bigger picture.

In short summary, unconditional love is manifesting en mass on the planet at this time WITHIN human beings and you are going to be the first to truly experience the phenomenon. You see, you already have it in you. You have already loved unconditionally, no strings attached, have you not? Of course. That is what has gotten you to this fulcrum point in humanity’s swing toward the whole truth. But what I am saying is that you will begin to feel it reflected back to you, both by other lightworkers, and by those seeking you and your services. It may be subtle, or not so subtle. You may even find yourselves being recognized publicly for the love and light that you carry, and how you carry it.

The key is not to marvel at this. This IS who you are. And it has been prophesied for millennia that you would be returned to your “… rightful place amongst the mantles of men…”, to carry out your service. Remember, you are not the doer, but rather the door through which Divine Will occurs. In this light, you have been many times, and in many lifetimes. You have been given access to sight beyond seeing, wisdom beyond your years from day 1 – each and every time – to prepare you to fight this good fight and continue to carry the torch through dark times.

Well the clouds are parting, and the sun is re-emerging with the truth of his light in tow… you. You carry within you a wattage metaphorically similar to the sun. You cast light upon the dark. You root out untruth, for you stand for its opposite. You are a purveyor of unyielding and unmatched personal fortitude. This is why it has been my privilege to serve you, and this, too, is why you have been blessed with the privilege to serve humanity.

While humans continue to wake up to the whole truth within them, there is also a NEW energy of support on the planet for this awakening. In general, the population is experiencing a “soft acceptance” happening. This occurs in tandem with the continued thinning of the veils, so that we can make ourselves more and more available to the masses who are just beginning to see the light. The likes of light-beings such as we, your Archangels, the Ascended Masters, and others are making their presence felt in unprecedented ways to undergird this wondrous shift toward the light.

Take note, you may be asked to make voyages to lands familiar and unfamiliar during the next few years. With Mother Earth, Gaia, continuing to shift at rapid paces in her ascension to keep with Cosmic Ascension, lands are changing as are their peoples. Your light will be requested. Let there be no questions in your desire to serve the light. You ARE AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE SUPPORTED in all ways, including and specifically by financial means, to serve the greater good through your devotion to this cause in truth.

Continue to trust in trust and have faith in faith and miracles will continue to arrive in the most unexpected ways.  How much fun this can be for you, if only you would choose it to be so! Allow yourself to be swept away on our chariots of faith and into abundance in all positive ways we SHALL TAKE YOU.

~ Archangel Michael

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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