THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/20/17


Family members, you are being asked now to become the beautiful butterflies you were always meant to be.  For many of you, and for so long, strife and hardship has seemingly been your way of life. Seeming difficulty, however, is the path that you had chosen.   The most important key word to note here is “seeming”.  

You see, wayshowers, you ARE wayshowers. As such, your souls were set (ready) to remember some of the highest teachings on your planet at this time.  To this end, NOTHING exists in your reality without YOU having created it that way.  

The good news? The collective light-working community’s karma of struggle is over.  Some of you are realizing this now, and some of you are going to continue to learn this over the next 5 to 10 years.  You are creating your whole world.  Fear not for the learning. This is where you have grown THE MOST, and you will continue to exponentially do so NOW… each of you.

For those very much “getting it” these days, you are beginning to manifest wonders. Well done! Now, your work begins. Ha ha! That is to teach others who are waking up to do exactly the same as you have done and are doing.

Some would argue that the world has not been in a darker place ever. We contend wholeheartedly that, in a dualistic state, opposites must coexist simultaneously.  Therefore, we oblige you to fill those perceived dark holes with all of your light…NOW.  

Stepping up, as we like to call it, requires one thing and one thing alone – in your aloneness, fully own your birthright that has been waiting for you to show up for you.  No longer shall you diminish your light for others, but rather let it shine for the world.  This is who you are.  This is who you were meant to be.  So be you without qualification.

Step up, take hold now of your piece of the dark matter, and create the world you know you were meant to live in.  For the tree has never been more ripe for your fruit to fall. What light world magic would you like to create? The collective land is fertile, and you are a champion farmer.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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