THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/18/2013


Where are you?  Well, where do you want to be?  Those two things are becoming more and more the same.  What this means is that, in the New World that we now exist in, what you focus on the most, you attract to you.  What used to take 20 years, now takes 20 days to manifest.  Read that again!

So where are you  spending your time?  Where would you be better, then, spending it?  No worries!  It’s not like this message isn’t already taking the lightworkers’ progress into account.  On the contrary!!! 

We KNOW the progress you have had and so do you.  So you are simply touching back on old patterns.  You have a choice, however, to slip back into them or not.  So, we are delivering a message to remind you who you are.  You are the ones who have the keys to manifestation on the planet at this time.  You are simply touching back on old patterns again to see your progress.  For that is the nature of the game.  Trials and tribulations show you your resilience, thus showing you your compound progress.  After all it is a PERFECT GAME.

Do you believe it is a “mistake” that when you slip back for a short time that you come out of those places at lightning speeds?  Of course it is not a “mistake” or a “coincidence”!    You are arriving, coming into your element, ascending.  What an exciting time! 

Now, if you could just simply accept that it is happening and come out of your heads, you will begin to see that the head does actually serve the heart.  For to hear consciousness calling, one must perceive with the brain.  But when one realizes they are ONE with all, they realize it was the heart that told the brain a message was even there for the perceiving!

Keep up the wonderful work.  You are counting you!

With so much love in my heart for you,



Mystic’s Message Explained