THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/17/14


At a time when so much new energy propels into the greatest unchartered potential in man’s history, it is important to remain focused, unwavering, and steadfast in your desire for higher truths. Never before has so much been revealed in such short order, and unto such an accepting and far-reaching audience.

Just a few short years ago, prophets, psychics, mediums, divine channels, intuitives, and the like were underground movements. Today, they are becoming mainstream, like yoga and meditation. This is a sign of pattern shifting, which was prophesied by those telling us over the last few years that the Earth’s poles would be shifting – negative to positive and positive to negative. That was the TRUTH behind December 21, 2012… that the Earth was merely shedding its skin again which was a mere 26,000 years in the making.

As we enter this new yuga, higher truths continue to be shared at an unprecedented clip. Do not lose sight of your goal… to return home (ascension) in a body. You have asked, “But how do we do this?” By remaining steadfast to the tasks at hand – going with the flow, while dropping more and more into your heart and trust center – and believing.. no!… actually KNOWING, that you are amidst MASSIVE positive change, without becoming lost or losing faith, you are being returned home on majestic wings. So, what does this all mean?

Well, beloveds, you are being returned HOME as we speak. Ascension in a body is about becoming reconnected to all that IS while “going” nowhere. It is the higher teachings, the highest of the high, along with the multitudes of light-bearers brining them forward to you, that will assist in your process of moving out of drama and into your dharma (righteous path).

If you have noticed a difference within you over the past 18 months to two years, for some 2-5 years, even up to a decade for others, in the way(s) that you relate to the world, it is because the Magnitude of Magnetism (shifting of poles) has begun within you. As we have been teaching you these past few years, you have seen that what occurs on the outside is merely an outer reflection of that which is taking place in each of your cores.

But, NOW… NOW is about your dedication, your devotion to what is rightfully yours as your birthright (the actual reason you have returned to Earth during these years of transformation). You are in the midst of the Great Collection. This era on Earth will be known in future history as the Era of Great Transformation, or the Era of Transformation (E.T. if you will). No, that is not a joke.

Look around you. Many of the movies, television shows, books, etc in your social construct at this time, and over the last three decades have been opportunities for the Cosmos to make contact with your higher consciousness through mass media. We have always been alive and well in your living rooms, and more so now than ever before. Do you believe it to be a coincidence that your technology blueprint for “what is possible” has grown literally light years in only the past 5-7 Earth years? IT IS NOT A COINCIDENCE. We have always been with you, guiding and assisting your every move, thought, utterance, and desire(s).


You are very close to major world-wide events that will forever shift the landscape of belief, hope, and faith into PURE KNOWING. In less than one year’s time, mankind will forever forge a bond with the Great Beyond, proving once and for all that humans do NOT just come to Earth to be born and die, but rather to INTER-CONNECT TO EVERYTHING.

Stay tuned, stay determined… be resolute! We are with you, and we are carrying you to this GREAT CHAPTER IN YOUR HISTORY BOOKS! Worry not, though, for you are so protected and cared for and none of this would be possible without the the work we know you have been doing for some time. We commend you, and thank you… and now we will deliver TRUTH to you.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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