THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/16/15


“Hello my Loves… It is I, Master Merlin, here! I say to you on this day that abundance is merely a frame of mind. EVERYTHING, actually, is a frame of mind. Perspective is everything in the world of manifestation – that is, the world that you perceive and create wonderful stories about, which projects your reality. That’s right, you are a projector in your GRAND MOVIE – you know, the one you call life! Ha ha!

Isn’t it wonderful? I mean to think that you have all created abundance, though you may not SEE it that way. I mean, some of you have created an abundance of abundance, some an abundance of lack, some an abundance of heart, and even still, some have created an abundance of anger, hurt and sadness. But it IS abundance nonetheless!

So, the key to turning the frown upside down if you have unknowingly created an abundance of something you do not want, is to watch your thoughts and your motivations. Cleansing them, washing them free of doubt, cynicism, and anger, and filling them with love and acceptance is LITERALLY the key to living a happy life. It may not feel easy to think of that in a big way, so don’t. No.

Take it one thing at a time, one BIG thought at a time. Remember something happy, something that led to a feeling of peace and calm in your life – a childhood memory, eating a favorite candy, dessert, or what have you, and find that place within whatever is eating at you in your life and an abundance of joy, prosperity and happiness is surely yours!

Since I was SEEN as a magician in one of many lives, some still believe, “Oh well it must have been easy for him, because he was able to CREATE whatever he wanted out of thin air!” Yes, my loves, and so are you. I was only capable of such “tricks” for others once I cleansed my own thoughts and heart, and then dedicated my life in service… the service of humanity that is. The service of watching others awaken to the truths I share here and now with you.

And it was a process.

This did not happen for me overnight either. It was a game of cat and mouse. My thoughts being the mouse, and me being the cat trying to catch them… which just proves that there were always two me’s, or two versions of me. The higher me, the spirit, the atma, the oneness, and then the lower me, the ego mind needing to be tamed. And that is the name of this fraudulent game… TO TAME OR NOT TO TAME THE EGO MIND. I call it fraudulent ONLY because you have forgotten that YOU ARE GOD. And so had I… until I remembered.

So? Is it time for you to remember once more that you are God? I don’t know. But the good news is, you do! So if it is in your heart now to feel the TRUTH of these words as you read them, then it is time. If not, then it is perhaps not the right time for you in this moment.

Eventually, however, we all must go on this journey during one lifetime or another. And if you have chosen now to be your time, I have just shared with you the keys of the kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

See all as beautiful, all as perfect. Accept all as perfect, and play your role wherever you feel called to do so. With love and gratitude in my heart for you.” ~ Master Merlin

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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