THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/14/16


It is time. It is time for you all to begin seeing beauty in it all, and something beautiful will then be returned to you. It is not so much about a physical item that will come your way as much as it will be your physical being that is moved to new scenic ventures.

You see, when you can begin seeing beauty in all that you experience, and we mean ALL, that is when you see the game for what it is… a mystery setup to get you to enlightenment. With that comes enlightened perspectives that are a service to all you meet.

Enlightenment brings a certain joy. That joy is the joy of being hue-man, with all of your colors. Accepting ALL of those hues allows you to be of service to many. It allows you to look each being in the eyes with love and compassion, not drama, and say, “I understand.” For you have been there. You have had trials and tribulations and you can relate. Go into victimhood, create more of it. But go into unattached compassion (compassionate detachment), and see another hue-man on their path, whatever it may “look” like, and attempting to figure it out.

When you truly see a human being a human, your compassion will rise no matter where you “thought” you saw them before. For in the moment of TRULY SEEING, you understand that everyone is where they are with the tools they have; and not everyone has yet achieved the grace to have tools like this passage to guide and steer them HOME. But you have.

That grace should never be overlooked. For this life, and every other, has served you in so many ways that has earned you the grace to be here now. What you choose to see with that grace can be beautiful all the time. But you have to choose it to be so, and then something beautiful will arrive.

Remember, service (whatever your service looks like) neutralizes jealousy and anger. For when you are assisting another who has less than you, you cannot be vexed by either of those. So, perhaps, your meditation of service would be seeing that you have tools that others do not, rather than perceiving that they have something material that you do not. Then beauty is yours.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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Ray Rolando Ascension Coach