THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/13/17


Loved ones, by now you must realize that what you focus on the most you receive more of. You must be seeing this play out. And to be frank, you have created this reality for yourselves on even the highest of scales. It is not just on the personal level, but quite literally on a global scale. Everything you see, you are collectively creating… FOR YOUR HEARTS to awaken to the height of all truths.

What you are witnessing is global consciousness incarnate. What you can do about it is shift your focus from fear and lack to abundance and joy. You may ask how to do it, but it is so much more simple than you realize. We cannot make it ANY simpler than this… “YOU ARE LITERALLY LIVING IN A GAME. AND… IT IS A GAME YOU HAVE CREATED.” This means you know innately how to win it. You just fear “going against the grain of societal structure” to achieve it.

Oddly enough, you have set it up that, if you are to win this game, you have no other option at this point THAN to create a new societal structure. The one we speak of requires that you widen your lens to include all of your experiences that have gotten you to the place of experiencing the world you are creating now. See it all as a blessing, because it truly is, and you will begin to live in the world with more ease, while knowing you are not of it.

Truly, you are not of this world. This world is material. You are spirit, currently encapsulated in a human vessel. This caveat has you believing you are a material creation. This is not the whole truth. How and why you were truly created is beyond your current comprehension. You must begin trusting this component again at once. It is key to your success and your journey HOME.

Tell us… if you are material, what can you take from this world with you into the afterlife? Exactly. Nothing. Except for love, which IS immaterial. Therefore, you must not be of this world, and you must not be material. Trust this… NOW.

You are spirit incarnate, love of the highest order materialized for the sole (soul) purpose OF the experience. What is the experience? EVERYTHING you are perceiving. Why? Because you were powerful enough in your spirit form to want to come here by taking birth on the human plane once more. If you can feel any part of that in your being in this moment, then perhaps you will begin the inside job of trusting that you must shift your lens 100% now to spirit.

If you do so, we are not saying to you not to take part in the human experience. What we are saying is to take part in it consciously, with your hearts, and with the intention that you can shift your planet, your world, together for the better.

You must now become the change you want to see in the world, for humanity has forced the Gandhi card. You all have the options to become Gandhi now. You can challenge the system with love, truth, peace, non-violence and right conduct without giving into the pressure to resist with hostility. You must now be courageous enough to live from spirit, rather than spirit remain just something you talk about. It is who you are. Embrace it with love, and watch “only” EVERYTHING shift for the better.

Mankind needs you, and you need mankind. Come, now, into your hearts and allow spirit to move you. You are so worth it.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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