THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/10/14


If I AM you, and you ARE me, and we are thee, then who’s the fairest of them all? Ha ha!

You see, dear ones, one of the great lessons as a human (hue-man) is seeing the colors of yourself in others and in ALL situations. A course in mirror-cles is meant to be a thought-provoking, or heart-conjuring, perspective on perspective! Ha again!

Within every ONE, and within every situation – good or not so good – is a portion of you being reflected back to you. If you become filled with anger toward another, what is it about them or their actions that is reflecting something to you about you, or something you could have done to have prevented you being in that boat? So is it really yourself you are becoming angry at?

And in the moments where you feel bliss, love, or other, it is absolutely required that that LOVE exist within you before you can identify with it. So you ARE love!

There is NO separateness.

Now, the miracles of the mirror begin to truly show themselves when you begin to shift based on what you are learning about yourself (yourselves) through the looking glass. It is perfect, is it not?! And the mirror-cles are everywhere, if only you’d begin to see them that way.

So when they say the beach would not be complete without your grain of sand on it, well realize then how ironic that truly is when you remember that glass can be formed when lightning (or enlightenment) strikes sand (each of you), and then you become forever joined by the mirror-cle of nature!

With so much love in my heart for you,



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