THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 2/9/15


You were conceived in love, not by your parents, but by the Creator. From whence you come is PURE Love. To experience LOVE, you were given a human mind, that perceives and projects a reality. But the human race has learned to forget over time that this is the truth.

So the game of “life” ensues… taming the egoic mind and, once again, having it answer only to the heart. That’s the truth, you know… learning to love from the heart, and not from attachment to material wares.

Often parents teach their children a very valuable lesson to follow their hearts no matter what and it can never lead them astray. THIS IS THE TRUTH. Now, those are words. Often times, parents tell their children this as it was passed down to them from generation to generation. But when the time comes to act on this truth, often human fears (i.e. thoughts) arise that are not of love, and the parent chooses practical, head-based thoughts, rather than the truth their hearts speak to them. This is the one part of the oral tradition that has been lost… “when heart and head collide, follow the heart to peaceful pastures.”

You see, the heart cannot tell a lie. People can. When they allow fear to masquerade as practicality, they begin to lie to themselves to cover up the truth their heart wants them to follow, and eventually they shut down a part of their heart; and, hence, you have the karmic wheel of life, and of suffering, created. You see, what happens is that the lie grows so deep, that the root of the truth is hard to reach without grace presenting itself. Folks lie to themselves and everyone in their reality to cover up the truth. Then they wonder why their dreams cannot or have not become a reality.

But the antidote is simple… begin listening to your heart once more and allow the miracles to whisk you away to a new reality. In this reality, you will find and know God once more and He will show you that you are the Creator of it all… if only you would accept the grace, beat the ego game, and surrender to your truest beauty.

You are the ONE holding the key.

With so much love in our hearts for you,



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