THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 2/6/17


To observe a world you can love, you must see the end from the beginning. To step into observer, you must know that everything is happening for you. If you think things are still happening to you, it is time to step back and re-evaluate.

NOTE: This week, let’s have a little bit of extra fun. To obtain the full energetic download of this message, regardless of understanding a single word, simply read through to the end. Before you read any further of the message below, notice first where you are and how you feel right now in your body. Then, re-assess how you feel in your body at the end. It may just be an amazing ride that proves that, with all the seeming chaos, there is SO MUCH MORE GOING ON in this world for you than maybe you have been choosing to realize.

Have you really come this far to simply forget everything you have been learning about how the system works? The system – the world, social consciousness – is setup to test your metal. Giving up, giving in, or even thinking about doing either at this hour would simply be… well, that’s just it isn’t it? You see, we know it is all perfect. So if you were to give up now, things would just simply be. Since we are unattached, though pulling for Earth and Her inhabitants, if things do not quite work out, well then they do not… at this time. But dark is continuously moving toward light… always.

Since time does not exist, there is plenty of it to make – during an eclipse, should it occur, of the time-space continuum where humans do not rise above the material nature that drove humanity away from God, we would simply need to come up with another plan. The fact, however, is that you are all so close.

What we can tell you is that these trains do not come often. “What trains?”, you ask? Well, the consciousness trains that have humans given an opportunity to take a window that transcends human understanding while in a human vessel. This is known as enlightenment achieved while in a body, otherwise known as ascension. When this occurs, should the soul within the human vessel choose the portal, they are given the opportunity to carry enough light within them to transcend and go beyond social beliefs and norms by FULLY knowing MUCH higher truths about the way it all works. When this occurs human ascension is attained.

If said soul does not achieve this in a lifetime where the window is present, the Cosmos may just wait to present said opportunity again until it KNOWS the soul is ready, rather than taking a “chance” again. You see, we have relayed to you in prior transmissions that even if a human has the grace to have a true spiritual teacher, a sadhguru, even the Guru does not know when the student’s moment is going to come. They can see the signs that appear to point in that direction, but they do not know. How is this possible? Because the sadhguru has become said Teacher over many lifetimes, with MUCH preparation to NOT be attached to the outcome though they know they come for the student very rarely.

How does this apply to the lightworking masses who may or may not have a sadhguru? Well, if you do not yet even see yourself as a student of consciousness itself, perhaps you have not even begun the battle of the ego yet that leads to such a path, with such a Teacher. But we bet, if you are reading this, you ARE said student. And… we know that you are awakening simply from the seeds of truth planted in this message. You do not even need to understand a word to “get” its message, its energy, its transformation within you. Yet, you should know that it IS possible to ascend without a physical sadhguru. Though rare, this achievement for the masses at many levels begins to occur when the masses begin to accept consciousness AS the Teacher. When they do, they become the student in all scenarios again. When this occurs, a state of observer begins to take hold of the soul again.

Rather than idolatrizing material gods, the human begins to “see” spirit again in all things on some level. There, the ascension process begins. It is never FULLY achieved, for the true student of the path understands that there is no “arriving” for consciousness is constantly morphing before your human eyes, faster than the speed of light itself. How much the student is able to perceive this phenomena WITH the eyes is dependent on the student’s ability to remain still amidst change, even GREAT UNIVERSAL change, and surrender to what is while trusting the absolute perfection in it all. In so doing, the student begins the path of unattached observer, becoming quieter and quieter in the mind, so that they can hear true Cosmic Guidance and wisdom which exists deep within them.

Alas, there is a message here… you see, to become unattached to outcomes IS THE PATH. In fact, it is the path of the sadhguru as they attain the rank of bodhisattva. The sadhguru is all-knowing from within, AFTER learning this over many incarnations. The bodhisattva achieves this level AND prevents themselves from the Grand Re-Merging for the sake of shedding some of their enlightened skin, so that humanity, their chelas (students), can wear this skin as a protection over their own ignorance kept in place by the negative ego which fears that which it does not understand. In other words, the bodhisattva is a human sadhguru that has fully ascended beyond the CURRENT known norms and chooses to come back to the Earth plane, over and over, and over again to ensure that you “get it”, rather than merging fully with God in the one-ness of it all once more.

When you can accept that consciousness itself will lead you to your own nirvana, such a physical Teacher will show up in your life. They must. A trust in this word, and a surrender to any piece of this transmission on this day, and you may just open a portal for you to see this world and EVERYTHING in it AT THIS MOMENT, as the perfect way to wake you up TO these words. If so, it is then that you become the observer once more.

After all, at the end of the game, it is the perceiving consciousness itself that remains to prove to you the reality that you have created as an enlightened being. You may as well choose love from observer, because you will be shown your full power in the end regardless… before it starts… all… over… again.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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