THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 2/4/2013

So much is happening!  Can you feel it?!  And it is occurring now at warp speeds.  Look around you.  Many are shifting.   Questions about higher consciousness, and what else is out there, etc are stewing.  This is a VERY good thing!  THE BIGGEST SHIFT IN MAN’S EVOLUTION ON THE PLANET IS ON ! ! !  And you are part of it.  When you look back on this time, you can say you were there when…!  Ha ha.  Here’s the thing, though – this AGE in our recorded history will last the rest of your life.  We are in a period of change.  What this means is that the planet is evolving and, like the Biblical periods, we have entered a historic millennia.  

Have you noticed handfuls of individuals telling you that they are excited of late?  That 2013 feels different and that they are on the verge of personal breakthroughs in such positive ways that it is almost overwhelming?  This is what we’re talking about.  Those types of conversations are “code” for, “Holy crap, my crown chakra is filled with light and I am receiving a massive download from Master Hilarion in a language I have never heard or seen before.  The planets are aligning for my mission, my DNA is being activated, blah, blah, blah.”  Yes it is funny!!!  This is basically what you have been walking around saying in different ways for years now and we wonder why people don’t show up to workshops!  Ha ha ha! 

But how perfect!  These years have  given you time to self reflect and work on self-mastery.  NOW, you can meet those people coming to you and telling you how excited they are about 2013 and don’t know why where they are!  Simply tell them, “Yes, I know what you mean.”  Let the conversation flow from there.  You will find yourself having very powerful discussions with very simple words.  THAT IS THE MESSAGE OF THE DAY ! ! !  Keep it simple.  Let the Energy of who you are do the work.  They will come for the work they need.  This does not mean to not let them know what you do.  By all means, let them know… but in a very simple way they can understand.  Then, if you find yourself talking about Commander Ashtar and the spaceship Odessa, you will do so because THEY led the conversation there in some way.

Oh, and for all of you out there reading this and thinking, “What is this message talking about?  I don’t hold workshops or talk about Ashtar, Hilarion, etc., let alone do I even know what this means!!!”  Here’s the thing, see… Perhaps, for years you have been reading these messages, or ones like them.  You have been carrying and holding a specific type of light for the planet whether you knew it or not.  You have been shifting and changing in body types, your methods for communicating from your heart, etc.  In other words, you have been learning to live a more authentic life for yourself from within the core of your being.  These changes have not gone unnoticed!  MANY have been watching and noticing the subtle changes in your behaviors.  It has actually helped many people.  Even if you just started making changes last week.  You are inspiring others to shift and change also.  Please know, THIS IS HOW IT WORKS.  A Ripple Effect.  We are all truly one and nothing is separate from us. For a butterfly opening its wings in Japan disrupts the flow of air just enough in the auric space around it, that you here in New York eventually feel that shift.  Believe us, it’s just true. 

And what you have all been working on, is just learning to trust more and more.  The best advice we have for you at this time is this… You may not know how or why things are the way they are, but if you can accept that there is a reason for EVERY SINGLE THING YOU ENCOUNTER, you can remain non-judgmental about it.  And if you can get to that space more quickly, the space of LOVE you hold within you will affect many lives more quickly.  For, as a planet, we have moved into the heart now.  The question is, “How do you intend to use that information now to be of service and help someone else in need?”  It is time for us to help each other come and stay in our hearts.  So much power resides there and there will be no stopping us if we stay there.

With so much love in my heart for you,



Mystic’s Message Explained