THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 2/3/14


Do you ever feel like you are not abundant or that financial means, for example, escapes you? It does so because you are allowing yourself to be the opposite of abundant. In other words, YOU are putting the brakes on FLOW. And when you do so, you instead are hoarding the energy of lack and “insufficient-ness”. By hoarding, that is to say “holding onto” the very things you would prefer to let go of. You just don’t realize in the moment that this is what you are doing.

Many of us come from backgrounds where loved ones operated form a space of fear as a method to control. They did so because they didn’t have the tools that you have been graced with to cope with life’s difficulties. Many times, those difficulties showed up as financial lack, needing to work multiple jobs to put food on the table, etc. This eventually led to outbursts by our parents based on frustrations from trying to “earn” a modest living for their families. In turn, this led to guilt in us. How? Well, when you were playing and laughing and experiencing being a child, perhaps their woes were overcome by the laughter, pure joy, etc. Their frustration led to these outbursts, and then you learned to feel shameful when BEING LOVE with your siblings, friends, cousins, etc. So you learned to BE GUILT, SHAME, and UNWORTHINESS.

Well it’s time to learn to BE ABUNDANCE!

Shake off the guilt. It wasn’t yours, but you created it. The great news, though, about your creations and manifestations, is that you can dis-create them or, even better, to instead create anew from here. If you have learned anything the last few years, you have learned that the Universe is vastly abundant in ways you never thought possible. You have already been teaching yourself new ways of thinking and being. Now, for this final piece… to experience abundance, specifically financial abundance, you need to be it. Yes! BE ABUNDANCE! How? By acting as though you already have it. But it’s not an act, see. When you are truly understanding in your heart the ways of the Universe, you are never lacking. You always have what you need in ALL ways. You always did and you always will. You have just forgotten what it feels like because you learned OVER those layers of abundance with the guilt and non-worthiness. So, it’s time to peel them away. And you are SO CLOSE!!! You’re right there actually… less than a dollar bill away from you! Ha ha! So grab it! Don’t reach for it… but grab it when it shows up from your actions of being it!!!

With so much love in my heart for you,



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